Namfisa online dating

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Namfisa online dating

Our preference is to issue invitations for closed tenders, to approved suppliers on our database.

The Appeal Board was established in terms of section 19 of the Namibia Financial Institutions Supervisory Authority Act, Act 3 of 2001 (the NAMFISA Act) and its mandate was expanded with the following Amendment Acts: The Appeal Board consists of three members, appointed by the Minister of Finance (the Minister).This is when you receive a notice for award decision, with a report on the basis for the decision, and, if your bid was accepted, information on who is to sign the contract.In terms of the Public Procurement Act 15 of 2015 Section 59, a bidder or supplier may, as prescribed, apply to the Review Panel for review of a decision or an action taken by the Central Procurement Board or Public Entity.Prior to the establishment of NAMFISA, a Directorate in the Ministry of Finance performed the function of supervision over the business of financial institutions.In terms of the NAMFISA Act, the functions of the Authority are to: NAMFISA established itself as a reputable Authority in this field, locally and internationally.NAMFISA Procurement Policy is issued consistent with the requirements and authorizations contained in the Public Procurement Act 2015, (Act No 15 of 2015) (“the Act”), Public Procurement Regulations 2015 (“PPR"), and the NAMFISA Act, 2001 (Act No. NAMFISA supports and adheres to the policy and legislative framework which the Government has in place to re-address the disadvantaged social and economic position, therefore; Supplier Guidelines As per NAMFISA’s Code of Conduct, “All dealings with existing and potential suppliers, must be conducted in accordance with transparent sourcing policies and ethical procurement practices as provided for in the Procurement Policy for NAMFISA.” We therefore expect our suppliers as partners to continually strive for continuous service delivery, drive cost efficiency, mitigate risk exposure and present innovative solutions to our challenges.

However our dealings must be based on sound ethical conduct, good governance and compliance to the Authority’s Policies and procedures.By facilitating the development of a well-functioning regulatory platform, the department ensures and enhances market confidence and competition.Who we are We are responsible for promoting the maintenance of a fair, safe and stable insurance market for the benefit and protection of policyholders.The bidders will still be subjected to competition to determine the best offer.a) Ensuring that procurement procedures established under the Act are complied with; b) Monitoring the procurement system and reporting on its overall functioning c) Initiating public procurement policy d) Assisting in the implementation and operation of the public procurement system by: i.The questions and answers that are published on the website provide important additional information to that contained in the bid invitation, so it is important to read the information published there.

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