Nasty chat room

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The public chat rooms will be brought back "as soon as we can", Riot said.Meanwhile, Riot outlined its goal for chat in League of Legends.

Here are some suggestions on how to take part in web chat without causing undue offence.

So, Riot is disabling the public chat rooms "until they're useful and accessible".

"In their current shape they just don't work and can actively create negative experiences for many players (especially new players)," Riot added.

Disturbed Brett Mc Bain, 51, admitted creating the forum £1The Other Place in 2014 with twisted accomplice David Buckley, 54.

The pair described it as 'a channel for the respectful appreciation of youthful beauty'.

There's no limit on how many people can join, and the conversations are ephemeral.

Like the Snapchat communication app, they disappear after they're concluded. Lost from the heyday of the AOL meeting place, where strangers could gather to debate their favorite TV show or sporting team,, built on the ashes of Smiletime, looks to revive them, with a twist.Smiletime was a website and app looking to capitalize on live broadcasting via Facebook, letting multiple folks in with their friends for "shows." That didn't cut it, so Alex Kruglov, the company founder, just switched gears this week.It wants to create a persistent hangout for the friends you play the multiplayer online battle arena game with."At the end of the day, when you log in you should feel like you're surrounded by active players that like to play League the way you do," Riot said."You should be to able jump easily into games with those friends without having to send game invites one by one."Riot has long battled problems with the millions strong League of Legends community, which has a reputation for the "toxic behaviour" it mentioned in the statement on chat.The free-to-play MOBA, which pits two teams of five players head-to-head in competitive multiplayer matches, is often criticised for the behaviour of its gargantuan player base, despite Riot's best efforts to improve the situation.Thanks for helping us achieve our mission of helping everyone learn how to do anything.