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Initially Khuram Butt, 27, Rachid Redouane, 30, and Youssef Zaghba, 22, are seen walking calmly down the street on the CCTV.But they had already murdered eight people and injured dozens after crashing their car on London Bridge and leaping out armed with knives.

Life around Borough Market was slowly returning to normal today, with the market itself set to reopen at the weekend.She had to flee without any money and went to nearby hotels to ask for a stay, but they all refused because they did not allow pets.A friend told The Sun: 'This was despite explaining to the hotel reception staff her desperate situation.It was disgraceful of the local hotel staff.'After the attack, which killed eight and injured scores more, Ms Antolak wrote online: 'My heart is with my brave team and all people involved.'Her story emerged as dramatic images were released of the terrorists trying to enter the pub - but finding the doors were blocked by staff sheltering dozens of drinkers.The men then spot a man in a dark shirt and light trousers crossing the road outside the entrance to Borough Market, and begin their assault just before police cars arrive at speed.That stopped me in my tracks and I stepped back into the road and a police car went flying by, but it was going towards London Bridge not Borough Market where the knifeman had gone.'I could see more police coming up the High Street and so I stood in the middle of the road and told them to go to Borough Market.

a police woman got out of a car and asked me what I'd seen, so I said a man with a knife and a man on the floor needed help.Laura and I would get up late, drink freshly squeezed orange juice and spend a leisurely day reading by the pool. When we weren’t doing that we would relax in the Jacuzzi or take a leisurely walk down to a nearby village for some local tapas. He spoke good English but with a strong local accent. “It’s Jaime.” “I’m Danielle, this is Laura,” I said. As the local businesses re-opened their doors, many of the returning staff members revealed the horrors they encountered on Saturday night.At the time of the attack, Will Mc Connell, 41, was working at the Old King's Head, where punters taking refuge were given free pints as they waited for police to give them the all-clear to leave..He told Mail Online: 'The first thing we knew something was up was when someone ran into the pub and said there was someone on the high street with a knife. I got to the top of the alleyway and I saw a group of people just sat there and I said to one "what's going on?