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I am a fun loving person who love to cook and spend time with friends.

He hoped that financial irregularities and cheating could be curbed with the help of this bill.

This was part of a traditional system for socializing. )But even back home in Uganda, I know some girls would sneak out of home in the pretext of going to the bathroom, and instead meeting with their boyfriends.

Once the toilets were built and water was piped to the houses, these opportunities of socializing were wiped-out.”Well, aint that something? You see, makeshift bathrooms are used in rural Uganda, as well as in some urban areas. It is thus easy to make a hole in such a make-shift wall.

It is supposed to be an article about architecture, but this writer had something to say about the dating habits of Nepalese, which goes like this “…Even up to recent times, people were used to defecating out in the open and there were separate designated areas for men and women.

In those days, it was still possible for the young men and women to leave the house at night in the pretext of going to the designated fields, and meeting up somewhere.

And this society is still traditional enough for the concept of love in its purest form to flourish.

I do believe the evil of caste does help this love to come into the open.

’ Well, full story will come at another time.)Many of you will already know that here, people do not date in the open. In the cities, and big towns, it is easy for western style of dating to take place.

You would also know that when you ask a Nepali girl out, she will come with a friend, not to detooth (gold digger) you, or to drink up all your money and run, like some Ugandan girls would do, but for security. In the cities, it is easy to hide an affair from the adults.

But in the rural areas, where every move you make is scrutinized, how do you ensure secrecy?

The first time I went to Bishanpur VDC-9 in near Rajbiraj town in Saptari district, I wanted to go to the toilet.

While interviewing couples for the love documentary, some of them told me they used to meet late in the night, and I always wondered how the girls would sneak out of their homes in the dark – how they would escape the scrutiny of their parents, but this article certainly explains a lot. I once heard of a married women who was bathing in the night, or her husband thought she was bathing.