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Till 16 August 1996, NEPA was using wood pulp for paper-making.The mill has successfully switched over operations with only waste paper recycling route.

The Company has 2164 residential quarters in the township.

Consequently, the armies of the Mughal emperor were stuck here laying siege to the fort for almost 10 years.

It is evidence of how well-stocked the fortress was during that time that people and army inside had enough provision for food and water.

the main raw materials were Salai wood and Bamboo which were available in abundance in the forests around Nepanagar.

The mill embarked upon major expansion programmes in 1967 and subsequently in 19 to increase its installed capacity to 88,000 TPA.

Presently, the Company has switched to Waste paper as basic raw material from original forest based and has thus been able to reduce cost of production.

The in-house modifications/alterations to the pulping plants have also helped in processing various quality of waste paper to manufacture Newsprint.The Asirgarh Fort, at a distance about 17 km by road, has its importance in history and was known as 'Gateway to South (Dakshin ka Dwaar)'.It was so because whoever wants to win south had to win and pass through it.The word "NEPA" is coined from National Environment Protection Authority, hence the name.This small township falls between Burhanpur and Khandwa and is surrounded by many small villages.The commercial production commenced on 26 April 1956.