No charge private sex chats

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No charge private sex chats

Daily tried to charge an i Phone 5S this way and found it ultimately lost power.The phone started out at 13 percent - after 15 minutes using the DIY charger it was still at 13 percent.

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However, experts today warned that many will not work - and some could actually damage your phone permanently.Maybe that's because the method is a flop - and experts say it's also dangerous. The parts needed to make this charger are a 9V battery, a spring from a pen, a car charger adapter, and a phone.To assemble it, connect the metal point on the car charger adapter to one sprocket on the battery.Kiltimagh-born Louis, 65, said: 'We don't need Simon.I'm in charge today and we're going to find a winner.Through Daily's own tests, online reviews, and expert opinion, it's clear some of these methods work much better than others - and some could even damage your phone.

Here are some of the options: A video showing how to make a charger with a 9V battery went viral on Twitter today before being removed from the site.

But soon an error message reading 'This accessory may not be supported' appeared on the phone.

After reconnecting again and giving the i Phone another 15 minutes to charge, it was at only 9 percent battery - less than it started with.

It's a hand crank that is roughly the size of a smartphone itself and has a retractable crank you can turn to charge your phone.

Charging your phone this way would take a lot of labor - three hours of cranking, to be exact.

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