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No email sex search - black nerd dating site

The odd thing is they also tout the fact that Gold Memebers have faster emails.This is odd that a mail system would deliver faster for one level over another.

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Basically I believe this site is a front for a non existent service.They do though have the Gold level which will cost you a bit more change per month but at this level they allow you 100 mails per month.I noticed that everywhere you go on this site and no matter what menus you select they will always place you on a page which prompts you to go Gold after which you can then make your way to the section you wanted to begin with."My ideal match": Since I am no longer a paying member, obviously I cannot read emails.So IF YOU DO SEND ME A MESSAGE I WILL ASSUME YOU ARE A FAKE "EMISSARY" AND HAVE NOT READ MY PROFILE.They simply collect money and that's as far as it goes.

All emails between members and to the site administrators most likely fall into nowhere land and are never seen again.Basic membership is free however this service functions on email contact between members, basic memebers cannot send emails thus this level is useless.You can them upgrade to Silver which is for a three month trial.I'm in need and can't seem to figure out how to get that need satisfied elsewhere so here I am.Interested" Subj: "Sex" "YOUR PLEASURE IS MY SATISFACTION...SO c*m LET ME BE SATISFIED" subj: "Sexy" "Softness, tenderness and passion awaits if you answer this email" subj: Hello "What are you waiting for?? Okay here is one...with me" subj: hi "Never know, unless you try Hello, I guess if you made it this far you like what you saw. Don't really know what to expect." There were many more that were borderline, but I'll leave you with this sample.

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    The VIP account is available to buy at £49.99 for one year and in return users get 350 diamonds and 50,000 Star Coins.

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    I was able to avoid those awkward moments (guys going MIA after I sent a full-body photo).