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The sidewalks were flooded with foot traffic by now, anime fans and cosplayers moving in a steady stream around Chloe and her trailing companion, flowing towards the convention center's entranceways.

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Many were dressed in casual geek attire--simple T-shirts or hoodies emblazoned with anime logos--but there was an abundance of cosplayers as well.The convention was positively teeming with activity, and as they worked their way throughout the mob and inside towards the ominous sight of the registration line, Chloe was disgusted to notice that the trend towards skimpy outfits had certainly continued.Walking just ahead of them was a young woman cosplaying the Sweet Fairy from Labyrinth Chef, and she was wearing a sparkling bodysuit fitted so tightly to every contour of her asscrack that nothing was left to the're already wrong." "Oh hey look, isn't she that one guy from Shinobi Souls? " "Yeah, Saburo," Chloe judged, not giving the girl more than an indifferent glance. "Ehh, no, not this year," Chloe lied, shifting the bag further behind her. " Ryan wondered aloud as he scanned the crowds for more cosplays he might recognize. Hera's the one that--" "Uh, wow, toxic masculinity much? And just hoping some of it winds up in the toilet, I guess. We all have to breathe this same air you're pissing through? " "Uhhh, well yeah that's one thing, but I'm not sure that's really toxic masculinity," Ryan deflected, sipping his coffee. Deciding how best to define things is like, my life." "Yeah, well... Or even to just listen quietly, fucking appreciate what he could learn from the valuable new perspective I present. After all, if Brian had ever shown any real interest in that little girl, Chloe would've called the police and reported him as a pedophile, or some kind of child predator. She's five-foot-one and barely has an A-cup, so hello?" Ryan asked distractedly, pointing over towards a girl wearing bushy false eyebrows, a fake beard, and scale-mail armor fashioned out of throwing stars laced together. "But like, they're actually fighting it out with guns and stuff? " Ryan scoffed, nodding towards an enormously muscled bodybuilder wearing a horned helm and a leather kilt. I'm just a woman, feel free to stifle my right to speak up, Chloe glowered, giving Ryan yet another red mark in her head. "Toxic masculinity is like, gender attitudes that--" "That's not the point," Chloe snapped. No, just like Brian, instead he 'considers things objectively', which is nonsense. She practically has the body of a thirteen-year-old, and that would basically still make it a crime.From now on, what I say is what goes, with no room for doubt or arguments. He was that bisexual coffeeshop-boy, the hipster mister with pretty-boy features. " Ryan muttered in bleary disbelief, reverently lifting the coffee cup to his boyish face and taking another sip. Aw fudge, I left my hat in the car..." Chloe rolled her eyes, and considered increasing her stride and leaving him behind then and there.

He wore blue flannel and skinny jeans, had big, pouty lips, and clear blue eyes. "I can't wrap my head around people getting up this early if they're not getting paid for it. All these people right now made a choice to be awake for this. this coffee is my life right now." Yeah, well--you're just lucky that I hate driving through city traffic, Chloe thought to herself, or you wouldn't be that necessary here after all. I mean, not the anime fandom thing, I'm totally about that life. Brian may have been the typical misogynistic sub-human male, but at least he wasn't also a melodramatic clown like Ryan here.The row of fans and cosplayers queuing up there for their convention badges was comically long, stretching several thousand people and encompassing the full length of the enormous lobby."Are we gonna be waiting to get our badges for hours? Would've still had the damned thing if not for that little goblin's meddling."Okay yeah, damn," Ryan mouthed dramatically as he squinting towards the banners above the registration tables across the convention hall.They were tiny, barely-visible blips in the distance past the crowds.Is the scrawny little boy feeling all jealous and insecure when he sees a muscular manly man? Chloe was, of course, anxious to get dressed, because now her costume would be just as much a disguise; she'd look nothing like she did when she waltzed into the convention this morning, rendering her safely anonymous and preemptively avoiding any more awkward encounters with Ryan.