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NTCA — The Rural Broadband Association, which represents WCFIBER and other small rural telcos, recently testified before a congressional committee about the legislation.If you’d like more details on NTCA’s position, you can read the testimony here: October 25, 2017 Our construction crews have had a busy fall season so far.

We are excited to sponsor this fun and FREE event, headlined by The Remedy. We were honored to have so many people stop by our booth and talk with us about our products and services.We understand that many people have concerns about this ruling, but please know WCFIBER has no plans to make changes to our service.Our single concern is giving you the best internet experience available today and in the August 30, 2017 You likely have seen construction crews working and some who have placed orders have already have services installed.Construction will continue through August and installations have already started.A sure “sign” that something is happening in your neighborhood is when you see this sign set up near our trucks.

We have a number of areas that recently finished construction and services are being installed at homes now.

• Harris Mill Phase 2 is 80% complete and installations for those who have already placed orders should begin in early November and possibly near Halloween. • Locksley Hall construction is a little more than half way done and we hope to begin installs by mid to late November.

• Idlewood construction is one-third of the way done. • Druid Hills construction is one quarter of the way done and should be ready for installs by end of November. Christopher Griffin, DMD, ( has West Carolina services at his home and is looking forward to when we build WCFIBER into Greenwood where his dentistry practice is located. Here’s what he had to say recently: “West Carolina’s Customer Service sets them apart.

We hope that everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

If you are in one of these neighborhoods, please call our office at 844-303-4237 to sign up.

• Forest Hills and Cherokee Hills are scheduled to begin construction within the next few weeks. When I call, I am able to have my issue resolved in a very appropriate amount of time.