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The dramatic story shows Piet's courage, his ability to avoid detection, and the ways the children keep up their spirits on the long skate (the record for the 200 kilometer race is slightly under thirteen hours).

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Niki Daly is an award-winning author and illustrator of numerous picture books, including Not So Fast, Songololo. A fictionalized story set in World War II is well served in Louise Borden's first-person narrative combined with Niki Daly's subdued and wintry palette of the Dutch landscape.

A young skater named Piet has always admired the first man to skate the route now immortalized in the "Eleven Towns Race" that takes place in the Netherlands.

This book belongs alongside other picture book treatments of World War II incidents, such as Candace Fleming's Boxes for Katje, which is also set in the Netherlands, as an introduction to the period for upper elementary and middle school studies.

It is also an excellent companion to novels personal courage in World War II, such as Lois Lowry's Numberthe Stars.

She taught first graders and preschoolers and later was a part-owner of a bookstore in Cincinnati, Ohio. , which won the Christopher Medal, and The A Custodian.

In addition to writing children’s books, she also speaks regularly to young students about the writing process. She lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, and you can visit her at Louise

"You're a strong skater, Piet, and you have a quick mind.

This is why I know you'll succeed in this important task.

(‘before you die’ when talking about children’s books, is a bit morbid, so I understand why they altered the title for this book a bit).

You can read about me finding the book and deciding to start reading them all here.

Along the treacherous path to Belgium the three children skate using every bit of speed, courage, and strength they can muster.