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Kaplansa , 20 February 2008 (EST) -up, X-right, []-down?- Nicholas Gerber, It would also be useful if someone wrote an "control panel" app to more easily map the d-pad controls per application. Kaplansa , 20 February 2008 (EST) I am wondering how I might view files using the OLPC laptop?

Milly Heider I would like to use the drawing tablet function with the "Graffiti" app in there a way to disable the color while leaving the backlight on?including command-line options --David Lang Thanks, note that if your adjust the brightness of the backlight it turns color back on. given that the color can be turned off, I would expect another option somwhere that switches between the monochrome mode and the dithered color mode (or an option that controls the backlight independanty so I can switch to mono mode and then enable the backlight), I'll wait and see what shows up over time.I cannot send the computer on until this is resolved.Thanks, Anthony Mournian Anthony Mournian(at)com Why was there no manual for this laptop?The colors sent from the video chip can be mixed to make greyscale. The incorrect color data (example: the blue being sent to a red pixel) can be discarded. I can select the watch&listen activity but not find anything to play on it, or, I can select the browser, find streaming content, and not be able to play it. After reading how to perform the four fingered salute, I have tried it several times and nothing happens.

I also removed the battery, waited several minutes and reinstalled it before restarting. Does anyone have any idea how to correct the situation?We plan to let you follow links with the buttons as well.But since the keyboard is unavailable, the functionality will always be somewhat limited in this mode. I thought when I first used it that the thumb pad (left) should remain the 4 arrow keys as it is, btu the buttons could be TAB, SHIFT-TAB, ENTER, and whatever the keyboard shortcut for "back" is. Perhaps instead of back the last button could be FN, so that the thumbpad could be PG-UP/DOWN for true ebooks. They've got EIGHT buttons between the two different d-pad controllers and they ALL do scroll in some form or fashion.I would like to use that account for remote logins but I am leary to reset the password based on the X apps (looks like someone else tried this).Is there any chance of getting someone from the OLPC team to document what the default olpc password is.Would the stylus work on a flash internet program that allows drawing?

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    This resulted in a boom of research in neuroanatomy by artists and scientists of the Renaissance Note that such descriptors (dorsal/ventral, rostral/caudal; medial/lateral) are relative rather than absolute (e.g., a lateral structure may be said to lie medial to something else that lies even more laterally).