Nude south african nurses

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Nude south african nurses

He then read out the Roll of Honour of the twenty two members who have passed on since the last AGM. Present – 15 of which 13 were voting members Apologies – Patrick Hill; Ian Bate; Pat Armstrong; Peter Mincher; Dave Pope; Richard Blaylock; Wayne Bouch; Dave Russell; John Cannon; Gary Huxham; Terry Pittaway; Luiz Figueredo; Mick Jeffrey; Mark Taunton; Gus Mason; John Cannon; Doug Mc Gibbon; John Norman, Nick Skipworth-Michell and Pete Gombart. Previous Minutes Accepted - The Chairman referred to the Minutes of the previous AGM and asked if anyone had any questions.It was noted that the apology from Terry Griffin was incorrectly recorded as from Terry Griffiths.

The Association has spent R153, 662 of welfare funds on 16 RLI ouens who desperately needed our help this last year.

The Last Year in Review – Charlie Norris reviewed the activities of the Association over the last year and highlighted the following: Membership Fees invoiced total R67 100 however only about R25 000 is expected to end up in the bank account due to lethargy on behalf of the others.

The sales of the Africa’s Commandos Book brought in R342 000 up to the end of December 2013.

Resolution 02/2013 was to give authority to Rob Marsh to open a savings account in the name of The Shamwari Trust Savings Account.

Resolution 03/2013 was authorizing the bank to add Charlie Norris as a signatory to the bank account and at the same time to remove Bill Wiggill as a signatory.

Professor Cumming told MPs on the Health Select Committee said nurses could chose to specialise in departments such as intensive care or A&E.'We have agreed that we are currently aiming to bring somewhere in the region of 5,500 nurses into the country internationally on an ethically-based 'earn, learn and return' programme.'We have started piloting this with India.'So the idea is that registered nurses from India would meet the requirements of the Nursing and Midwifery Council, they would come and work in this country in placements that we are facilitating and whilst they were here they would gain postgraduate experience in a particular area – be it intensive care or theatres or emergency medicine or whatever it maybe – whilst working for us.'At the end of their time here they would return to India, back to the employer they had partnered with, and take that skill set back into the country from which they had come.'The first pilot cohort are here and they're in Harrogate at the moment and we are aiming to have 500 here by the end of March, building towards the indicative figure of 5,500.'We believe that doing that way is more ethically robust, in that we aren't denuding a country of their valued resource, but we allowing people to come here for a fixed period of time, yes to help us with a staffing shortage that we have got, but also to learn, to earn money and to take that back into their own country.'But a spokesman for the Royal College of Nursing said: 'International nurses have always played a key role in the NHS - not least those who have stayed for the remainder of their working life.'But overseas recruitment of any kind is incapable of plugging the vast gaps the NHS faces.

Africa Branch Subscriptions RLI RA – AFRICA 2017 Membership Subscriptions It’s that time of the year when subs are due again.

But nursing leaders labelled the scheme a 'sticking plaster' which would do little to solve the NHS's recruitment crisis.

Figures show an estimated 40,000 nursing posts are vacant, one in nine of the total.

Against this figure are expenses of R349 000 including royalties which puts this project in a near breakeven situation.

Profit on sale of memorabilia; Len Beechey was thanked for the tremendous effort he puts into the sale of memorabilia.

With this amendment, and as there were no other matters arising, the Minutes of the AGM held on the 25th August 2012 were adopted.