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We’re inspired by the same ideals of equality and opportunity -- the belief everybody deserves a fair go, a fair shot.

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The only problem with Australia is every time I come here I’ve got to sit in conference rooms and talk to politicians instead of go to the beach.

And that’s what brings me here today -- the future that we can build together, here in the Asia Pacific region. But despite that distance, we know that our world is getting smaller.

Now, this week, I’ve traveled more than 15,000 miles -- from America to China to Burma to Australia. One of Australia’s great writers spoke of this -- a son of Brisbane and a graduate of this university, David Malouf.

But the artist's choice of outfit raised more than a few eyebrows on social media, with one user saying she looked like a "futuristic Nazi". oh yeah less Nazi'." During her appearance, Lady Gaga also performed her dance hit "Born This Way" and "Angel Down".

Another wrote: "Did no one say to Lady Gaga, ' Hey that's a great outfit but maybe something less.. She then joined Jon Bon Jovi on stage, helping him perform the hit "Livin' on a Prayer." However Donald Trump was in defiant form however as he addressed crowds last night. election live blog for all the latest news and results.

So I want to begin by acknowledging the Traditional Owners of this land and by paying my respects to your elders, past and present.

On my last visit to this magnificent country three years ago, I had the privilege to meet some of the First Australians; we’re joined by some today. Your research led to the vaccine that protects women and girls around the world from cervical cancer. This university is recognized as one of the world’s great institutions of science and teaching.Empowered by technology, you -- the young people in particular of this region -- are connecting and collaborating across borders and cultures like never before as you seek to build a new future. And I don’t watch a lot of Australian television, so -- as you might imagine, because I’m really far away.(Laughter.) So I don’t know whether some of the same tendencies that we see in the United States -- a focus on conflict and disasters and problem -- dominate what’s fed to us visually every single day.I tell my friends and family and people that I meet that there is an incredible commonality between Australia and the United States.