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The first story, by me, appeared on the 81word website in January 2015 and is featured in the screenshot further up the page. Story 005 by Sivan Pillai "He is a notorious housebreaker and we were in search of him," the policeman said. Story 001 by Christopher Fielden "Brains." "No, Edward." "Want brains. You're certainly not having mine." "Must have brains." "Edward, stop it." "Sweet, spicy brains." "I have a headache." "Want your juicy brains." "I told you to go to A&E when that thing bit you. The man was lying unconscious under the coconut tree.

I am a trustee of the Arkbound Foundation and we are working very closely with the charity's sister project, Arkbound (a social enterprise publisher), to publish the 81 word challenge anthology. Adam said: "A long time ago, a few years after wasting most of my time at school, I entered a competition to write a story in 50 words. Story 100 by Joan Bonnici "Death is coming into town, "Here to reap your soul, "Run along and hide away, "It will be gone by light of day." Anna panted as she shuffled herself amidst the others. Now it was her turn to stand facing the wall and wait for Death's touch. Story 101 by Steve Plews "What shall I cook for supper tonight? After she'd left, Deepal took her sister's extravagant gift to Amit. " "Don't know, I'm not really hungry." My relationship. Until one day, finally, he turned to me and said, "I'm making you an omelette for breakfast." The bags were packed and thrown out of the front door with him closely behind. Mr Laton encouraged the class to resent me as the 'outsider'. There were options for five different genres and each had a different paragraph given as the starting point. "Money's tight." "I think you're missing a trick there mate. He ignored the sly kicks and believed the lies they told until, one day, I was finally forced to leave the school in disgrace. If each author published in the book buys a copy, job done. Big thanks to Allen Stroud for putting the idea in my head. If Guinness won’t accept the application, then we will simply publish the book as an 'unofficial world record' and publicize it as best we can. I will update the information on this page when I hear back from Guinness World Records. I didn't win but really enjoyed the challenge of carefully crafting words to create a beautiful jewel. "The experience stayed with me and I thought it might be something lots of us could enjoy. Story 097 by Adam Rubinstein "You got Sharon a birthday present? You never did understand how women tick." "You think? They want to feel like they're really loved, special like." "I see what you mean." Terry sighed. Now he is dead and all I feel is a strange sense of pity for the teacher he might have been. Labbe This is exactly the reason why he wanted the store to assemble it for them, but she insisted they would have fun building it together. Knowles I packed up my grief today and am driving it away.

An opportunity to be creative in an accessible way that isn’t too demanding on our time. "It'll be worth it mate." "OK," Terry decided, "I'll go for the three quarter inch set." "Man, you are going to get so laid." Story 098 by Helen Combe Today I shall do good deeds and bask in a warm wave of catharsis. "They do not go on the top, they go on the bottom." "No they don't," she argued, "they go on the top." "They wouldn't put the legs on the top of the stand," he insisted. " "Because, once again, you are holding the diagram upside down." Story 120 by Katie Labbe "The only reason he made me cry is because he's an ass." Wait. My eyes frantically scanned the room from the podium to find blank stares from colleagues and potential employers trying to figure out if I just called out my former boss at my intern graduation. I'm searching for a peaceful place in my mind and heart. The memories bring tears and happiness at the same time. Toodle-oo." Story 123 by Brandon Myers Samantha ignored the No Trespassing signs, but still wondered if the stories were true.

about 81words - 81words writing challenge rules & how to submit - read 81word stories 81was a flash fiction website started by Adam Rubinstein. Story 099 by Frank Hubeny After Michael saw the ghost he understood. True knowledge should not be made so literal that any monkey could understand it. " "You don't like pasta." "But it's your favourite." "For God's sake – make a decision about you for once." Anger spewed in her voice. You choose." With the TV drowning out the silence between them, they wordlessly tucked into spaghetti bolognese. " "Not bothered, whatever we've got." "Where do you want to go for lunch? " "It's fine." "And is the antimatter injection relay override reset?

He's a self-professed educational basket-case from the 70’s who says he finds his sense of meaning and well-being through creativity. Anne sympathized with him but she thought his deranged prefrontal whatchamacallit generated the ghost. Michael told her she could escape with him through the skylight of the cell. That was the only reason Michael told the ghost to wait. She fell to the ground with an icy stare, and then Raphael knew what he had become. Story 102 by Mandy Huggins "Only the best for my nephew," Sonia said. " "Not sure, wherever you fancy." "What should we have for dinner? Story 110 by Steve Lodge We sat in a secluded booth, at the all-night Cochise Restaurant. " "Yes." "Well, we're screwed then." "Yep, you're right, we're screwed." Story 118 by Jo Headley When I heard Mr Laton had died, I remembered how, at school, this teacher’s frequent bursts of sarcasm officially marked me out as a target.

So far as I can see, the record is measurable by a single superlative (professionally presented book released by an established publisher), verifiable (physical book containing details of all contributors, plus verification by publishing professionals), standardisable (flash fiction - same as short story record, but less than 1,000 words), breakable (get a higher number of contributing authors) and also present an element of skill (flash fiction writing).

Any guidance you can give as to which criteria I'm not meeting and why would be very much appreciated.

When 1,000 stories have been received, written by 1,000 different authors, an anthology will be published. He passes his neighbour, Greig, who is shaking a lamp post while howling. Time for tonight's emotions purge to end." Story 087 by John Alty I'd only gone in to buy a loaf. New girl was cutting the strings on the packs of newspapers and stacking them. " "Umm, I'll be a bit late today." "Are you sure you don't want it again like last night? it will be difficult today." "You have started enjoying it, haven't you? " "You'll know tonight." "I have to take care of some work... I steam my hands, swear at the wall with snails in my mouth, ring 999 and simply moan. Not cold and clinical like the first, warm and inviting. Story 127 by Brenda Brittan Adrenalin high, he waited under the Ceremonial Entrance Arch, the hot Mediterranean sun reflecting on his breastplate. Their enthusiasm reverberating through the soles of his feet.

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