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I mean the guys who have become "big names" at these sites, it seriously does completely change their life.[quote]Always preferred Conner on the bottom, despite his more famed power top status. I mean he is hot so it is hot to see him getting fucked, but I thought it was obvious he can't really take a pounding. I mean he is hot so it is hot to see him getting fucked, but I thought it was obvious he can't really take a pounding. Sure, but I prefer that to his mechanical, speed fucking any day. I always got the impression that something bad definitely went down.Who can forget his tender bottoming for Cain by the pool? It's is a really nice scene, but we have all seen Cain really fuck someone before, he was clearly handling Connor with kid gloves. I believe it was Harper that said as much in one live chat.

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I also read that shortly after he started working there, his sugar daddy was Corbin Fisher himself and that he had been constantly dealing with the law enforcement community for years. I read that he was originally from Big Rapids, Michigan (northeast of Grand Rapids & Muskegon) but had more recently been splitting his time between Denver and Las Vegas.It wasn't just simply wanting to end gay thing, he worked at gay clubs both before and after he was making videos.If you see the way CF handled it, it wasn't "oh this model has moved on and is busy with life", it was a very blunt "we don't work with this model anymore".I have friends in Denver and they say Travis has not been seen around in any of his former gay haunts in quite a while. Seems he has decided to go straight in every meaning of that phrase.Just because you edit porn, whether gay or straight, it doesn't mean you're turned on by it.He had a girlfriend and a boytoy on the side at one point. When he was on the Tim and Roma show he said he dates and loves women.

If you enjoy sex with men, I would call you bisexual. They asked if he fools around with guys and he said he didn't outside work. I don't have a link handy but I recall an interview he gave where he mentioned he had a girlfriend and a boyfriend, who he then clarified was more like a boytoy and that they knew about each other.

in fact he is engaged to another man, a buddy of his from the military.

They have started a business together and seem adorable as a couple.

If someone like Travis wants to call himself straight even though dude comes alive more riding a dick than 99% gay men could even hope to achieve, then whatever, they are free to do whatever they like.[quote]The wives of Dawson Dawson is married? He certainly has never left behind the mansex even when it was off camera. And that porn made him open-minded and not caring about labels or some shit.

I would try to search for it but I am at work (and posting on this thread...

I didn't have much of a problem finding his real name either. He also started his own business there, dealing with organic agricultural practices with the marijuana growers.

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