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One of those women, Sarah Tither-Kaplan (bottom right), claims that she was shooting a nude orgy scene (inset left) with Franco and several other actresses when he took off the protective piece of plastic covering their genitals while simulating oral sex.

Passengers began to attack health worker Eudiraci Almeida do Vale after hearing the woman next to him shouting in panic.

She's formed an 'incredible bond' with her father but reveals her mother has had a tougher time coping.

California authorities arrested three people linked to a 1993 murder of a teenager after one of the suspects confessed to a TV station saying he could no longer bear the guilt, it was reported on Thursday.

A family friend confirmed that Tamara and Bella had discussed the Instagram post.

Bella lost her father in a traffic accident when she was nine, and was raised by her mother Five women are accusing James Franco of sexual misconduct in a Los Angeles Times expose.

The woman became angry and started hitting out at me.'The man was moved to a seat at the back of the aircraft and is now facing being banned for life from the airline's flights.

Gol Airlines said: 'We strongly condemn the violence that occurred on Friday morning.The White House issued a needle-threading statement on immigration policy Thursday afternoon, while not denying the story's accuracy.Donald Trump has scrapped plans to visit Britain next month, the Mail understands.Violet Paley (top right) had a consensual relationship with the actor, but claims that he once forced her into performing oral sex on her while they sat in his car.The other four women were students at Studio 4, Franco's now-closed acting school, and claim the 39-year-old Oscar nominee (left) asked women both on set and in class to perform topless or even completely nude.' Troxell said if they did give themselves up, the military coalition would provide them safety in the form of a detainee cell, food and 'due process'.

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