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I could see this for like...reloading or something. However, he does not have an apt escape ability, so he will have a hard time in laning.

Which means that it is in fact possible for Yukari's boundary ability to travel through the [email protected] That's not complicated timetravel at all. In KH Xehanort turns into Ansem, seeker of darkness. " Oh nothing..just the fact that you can achieve S-rank support with every character of the opposite gender to you in the game except your own children... I have the power of Light now, so maybe we can get rid of him. That's really nice exceeeeeeeept I don't play Mv M. I don't have a means to step inside of her head, but Koishi might be able to help. Luckily though I was told that since I was just a New Generation Prototype Reploid I might not possess Sigma's ability to go maverick at will even if I wanted to."' @Isaac Ah well then. Then I remembered that my sister is a woman, and not a child. Same question goes to you [email protected] *shrugs* "What's the worst that could happen? I said that I would go visit him, and I plan on doing it. So, someone with enough emotional stability to help him through his meltdown... like SONA Pretty lady =w= Chung is also technically 18 in the RP since he has been in the real world for about 2 years or so like other characters. Though I don't think that would matter much except he might be a bit stronger emotionally. Supposedly they are really evil and [email protected] the Wise So this world is the antithesis to the Realm of Darkness, correct?

She would actually be able to kick her dad's ass, even if he had his armor on. I was thinking he would have been gapped, when he was just born and all he had was his name and a faded picture or just a faint thing of the names of his parents, to a point 25 years in the past of this RP's time line. The Daughter could have gone back another way (like maybe Sakuya) and Knows things. Otherwise I would be giving away the plot twist Goodmorning everyone @S121 I'm pretty sure Time Magic is it's own type of magic. just keep it simple and say Yukari's boundary manipulation is OP and can do that. attractive..." Raven: "So you're saying that you find the bug lady hot? Candy canes." "Great. John fires a barrage of bullets that attacks and slows all champions struck by UNSC by 20/24/28/32/36%.

He grew up in the Real World as a normal human but with the natural skill of his father with guns. Not unless the parents somehow died and they sent him in the past to warn John and Yukari about the SCAE and the ACO, or some other disaster. Though perhaps her memories are not perfect and she doesn't know who her brother is because he was sent back when he was. I also thought of a unique plot twist for my story arc involving Zero, the Zero Nightmare (a clone of Zero from X6 that Gate had made, and was working on in the RP when Gate was still working with Volgin at the Neo Yakuza base in Australia.) Remember how early on in the RP when Gate was with Volgin at the Neo Yakuza base he was working on a "secret weapon" which was Nightmare Zero, yet a certain robot that has a grudge against John and X, and is also working for Sigma basically let Nightmare Zero loose early and stole Nightmare Zero from Gate? When using KH time magic the only thing you can transfear trough time is the mind. Otherwise it ruins an entire facet of the story arc. *PS, I kinda look like the image except with no breasts and black hair instead of green. All the while a wild blush comes over his face.* "I... " Chung: "YES I'M SAYING I FIND THE BUG LADY HOT!!! W: Plasma Grenade John throws a grenade at the target location.

I actually think they both might be more powerful than John, just because they are Spartan Youkai... John: Armor and training add those qualities [email protected] I'm actually interested in what sh*t Jinx will stir up with her thirst for chaos and destruction. :p I don't think John's armor would fit her, but she could easily get some from Prometheus Labs in her timeline. :rolleyes: .................................................. Downside of the passive is that it is only applicable in teamfights, but the actual value of tenacity is so great that it's the butter-on-bread for John's late game.

Just watch, he gets in a sparring match with them and loses miserably, due to them being much faster and stronger than him. :p @Cucoo Well considering that the daughter will have Yukari's Youkai abilities with John's genetic alterations, she will most likely be capable of what I thought. I could easily come up with suit modifications to simulate future technology. Q: UNSC Assault Rifle / M7 Submachine Gun UNSC - John fires three bullets that travels in a straight line and strikes enemy.

@Neo Fox @S121 Yea the way I typed up my previous post makes it seem confusing to me for some reason... The Children know of the doomed future and thus the key events that lead to it. I'll be lucky if I'm not arrested for helping Yuuka blow up that warehouse. *Morgan, Robin, and Grima facepalm*@John Let me bring some of my bros. Backline = ADC, Support, and non-assasin Mid stay in the back while the tanky top and jungle go in A player named Crs Voyboy has so much health, that no one can take him down so quickly. Also please note that Chung's Berserk mode that appeared in the video was actually his Iron Paladin class Berserk Mode.

So draw parallels from that to this SCAE or the ORGANIZATION or however its supposed to go... everyone has their good points, their faults, their strengths, their weaknesses. my feelings for Nitori are stronger than my feelings for Aya are. I guess I shouldn't complain too much, I knew the risks when I helped her and the others. That's what John does, with enough tankiness to soak up the enemy damage while he rekks. I'll throw inn Ansem So D, Ansem the Wise, Riku, Xehanort, Young Xehanort and Xemnas. Here is his basic class berserk mode: Helmon Portrait.jpg/400px-Chung Helmon Let's look at his bio shall we?Heck, just one of them would probably be able to stomp both John and Dante at the same time. @S121 The son will not have the physical strength of John, just the natural skill, stamina, and reflexes (and does John have improved eyesight? John is already fast and strong, so if a Youkai had his genes, their bodies would have some, if not all of his genetic enhancements, making their strength and speed even higher. Heck, she might even have the armor customized to boost her boundary abilities, or her physical [email protected] S121 Right right, I was just saying the baseline could be Sammy (super missle'd) *respawned* And the rest could be w/e. q=tbn: ANd9Gc RZl7gz Dl5PTm0d2I_d QSMp WYIO7Z47a t9gbl Y9KQnw Jk [email protected] S121 Wriggle *Eleos sees Wriggle pic and a devilish grin appears on his face.* Eleos: Oh Captain~ wat Eleos: Don't you hate bugs? *Eleos shows pic* .................................................. The bullets deal 66% less damage to the enemy when consecutively struck.He would have that too if he does) The son would not be aware of his inheritance until the scene I have planned. There's also John's eyesight, durability, intelligence, cunning, and most importantly, luck. Anyway i'll have fun with the scene when the son finds out who his parents are... I was thinking something like Zelda scenario where the mother gets the son to safety (How Link wound up in Kokiri forest in Oo T) But the son is so young he grows up thinking he's of the world where he was. Only [email protected] Katrix We're not talking Time magic :rolleyes: We're talking about manipulating the boundary between the past, present, and future. M7 - This skill can be used in 3 seconds after the UNSC struck a champion.Basically, every concept known and unknown to man had boundaries, polar opposites that have a fine line between them. In the end, we saved the planet, and that's enough to feel proud of." "Is it because she's going insane, or is it because she's doing it on purpose? "'re the character I'm controlling..are you asking me questions? Two new MVM maps, including one taking place in the Medic's hometown Rottenburg, the other in Mannhattan, which has control points you must defend as well as the hole. I can't really be infected by any viruses to cause me to go maverick due to my powerful copy chip. @John No wait Yukari if you snuggle him like that your breasts will suffocate [email protected] "Thats why I dont like you, you are a womanizer who has women as objects or trophies, why would I fall to someone who has possibly shared the bed with hundreths of women? He then decides to leave Hamel to the Red Knights and go with Elsword to train and become stronger than ever.All of existence consists of boundaries, and everything that has a boundary is Yukari's plaything. "Robin: "I think this interview is for characters that currently had been introduced, correct? Though it would be interesting if someone made the connection of Eleos's name... *Robin shrugs* Oh and John, ever considered having Yukari get Ansem out of your head? Medic himself got a boost in MVM, gaining the ability to revive people from the dead, project an energy shield to protect people, and even shoot Mad Milk with his syringes. However I did find out that the copy chips in New Generation Reploid's like myself contain the DNA and data of every single Reploid that was created before I was born. Meaning that I could go maverick on a level similar to Sigma who was the cause of almost all Maverick outbreaks in my world at any time if I wanted to. They caused so much death and destruction in my world. How would I know you were to stay with one person with that backstory of yours? He swears to himself that he will not use the Seiker name and will call himself Chung until he returns to save Hamel and take the Water El back from the demons. Also please note that he is a Tactical Trooper currently, though I might make it to where by the time the sequel starts he would have already made a change to the Deadly Chaser class after deciding that his Destroyer, and Disfrozen Portal won't be enough on it's own to get him through many battles. John, the Spartan Commando, is the 1st champion in League of At Wa G.

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