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I was midway through Some kids movie when I got a hankering for a coke.

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I closed my eyes and waited for the salty taste of black cum.They were the first porn sight I subscribed to and, so far, the last. I dreamt up with elaborate ways to seduce a black man and have him dominate me. Queens of Spades often have tattoos that subtly hint they want to have sex with a black man, a 'Q' inside of a black card-suit spade.They weren't making videos as fast as I was consuming them so I looked elsewhere. I hovered over it for a minute and thought about my fantasies.I immediately felt his hands on my wasteband and he yanked down my sweats in a frenzy.Once my pale ass was exposed he stopped, and chuckled at the black ink on my right cheek. I begged, pleaded him to stop but he just pressed harder. I didn't just feel the pain in my ass, it jolted over my legs and through my very spine as though I was being split in half.I started watching interracial porn online and then wound up moving to interracial specific sites. They mostly posted porn but sometimes they would post general lifestyle stuff.

I chewed through everything they made in probably under a month. Not 'admire' in the way you admire someone's beauty but in the way you wish to be them, or at least in their position. I was scrolling through the blog with my cock in my left hand and the mouse in my right when I saw a post about temporary tattoos.My cock was so hard as I swallowed the load in my mouth and then set about sweeping the cum off my face and into my mouth, gratefully swallowing every drop.When I opened my eyes he was still hard and I instinctively stretched my tongue toward his cock. "That was just a warmup." I took off my shirt and climbed onto the bed.His room was a carbon copy of mine, down to the cream-colored walls and gleaming bathroom tiles. I put my hand to the receiver and turned to him, "They put me on hold." "Makes sense," he said, "It's Friday night. " I pointed to it, "Nothing it's too weird." "No come on, tell me." "No I can't. Just then the pizza guy picked up and I ordered an X-tra large pepperoni to my room, being extra sure to say the number a few times. He read over it a few times and looked at me in disbelief. "You remember my room number if you want any pizza." A few minutes after I returned to my room there was a soft knock at the door. I held the door open as he entered and said, "Did you figure out that tattoo? I ran my tongue all the way from the base of his shaft to his head, reveling in the taste of his cock.Probably a lot of pizzas getting ordered." I cradled the phone in the crook of my neck, pointing my tattoo at him, and acted like I was making idle conversation. " He smiled a little, revealing perfectly straight teeth, "It's nothing much, I've just been pretty lucky in life that's all." I nodded approvingly. " He took off his hoodie, stretching out his chest and back as he did, "You know I think I did." I slid down to my knees and pulled down the waistband of his sweats. I reached in to his boxers and my heart skipped a beat. I pulled it out and it was almost one and a half times as long as my hand. "Good." I said and slid his cock past my lips and all the way into my throat.Standing in front of the ice machine was a man straight out of my dreams.

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