Online dating interviews

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Online dating interviews

Consider the situation when you meet someone for the first time.Instantly you've registered important facts about that person.

Research on impression management shows that even in casual social settings, the early conclusions we reach about other people tend to be the most persistent.

Working against the assumed similarity means that you have to keep uppermost in mind that the person you're dealing with (potential employer, date) isn't necessarily coming from the same perspective that you are.

You may live in a "red state," but for all you know, the person you're meeting with is as blue as they come.

Let's say you're in a crowded place, carrying a heavy package which is about to slide out of your hands.

Who will provide you with a friendly assist or instead, grab the package and run with it?

Of course, managing what you say plays a crucial role as well.

However, you also need to know how to work against the halo effect and assumed similarity bias to ensure that you present yourself in the best light possible.

Taking into account the visibly apparent features of the person such as apparent age, gender, and race or ethnicity, you also try to judge the person's social class, intelligence, friendliness, and perhaps political persuasion, religion, or similarity to you.

In some cases, it's vitally important that you make that snap decision as quickly as possible.

You can make the halo effect work to your advantage by using the tactic known by bridge players as "playing from strength." If you're filling out an online dating questionnaire, take care to list your personal qualities in the order you want to emphasize from strongest to weakest.

It's not a good idea to save the best for last, because due to the halo effect, the person reading your description may never get to the last.

I've summarized some of this advice in an earlier blog posting on "Selling It" in the job or school interview.

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