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For the want of a better word, A Death In The Gunj has a ‘distinct’ feel.

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The Bakshi family and their friends love their drink and mostly perceived as the refined version of rural landlords.A Death In The Gunj Cast: Vikrant Massey, Ranveer Shorey, Kalki Koechlin Director: Konkona Sensharma Rating: 3/5Konkona Sensharma’s directorial debut A Death In The Gunj is set in Mc Cluskieganj, nearly 60 kilometres from Jharkhand’s capital Ranchi.It was home to the hundreds of Anglo-Indian families whose mixed culture was often referred as ‘chutney’ as they borrowed traditions from different communities.It’s his silence that makes the atmosphere hauntingly eerie.A Death In The Gunj totally relies on acting skills of a stellar cast.Bonnie appears to be the most grounded and finds it hard to deal with Mimi who doesn’t believe in hiding heartbreaks. Aloof, sarcastic and loner, she brings to the table a genuineness that binds the motley band together.

The story is centred around 23-year-old student Shutu (Vikrant Massey), Nandu’s cousin, who’s struggling on many fronts.Only good performances could have given it a discreet yet perceptible appearance.Vikrant Massey stands out among these immensely talented actors, and is the face you’ll recall about this film many years later.Konkona Sen Sharma tries to give it a blanket look of ‘just another day in a sleepy town’, but she has treated it like a thriller.There are many characters who keep crossing and hurting each other.A Death In the Gunj isn’t about just one theme or a person.