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Many have resigned themselves to their lifestyle and created communities of likeminded Orthodox singles (particularly on the Upper West Side) to share shabbatot and yom tovim together where there is zero (often parental) pressure to get married.Shabbat and three-day yontiffs require peer support because Orthodoxy is essentially a group or family activity.

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Manhattan has a large population of Orthodox women who will never have children. If a man is financially successful and perhaps reasonably attractive he can get married for the first time in his 40s but if by 50 he hasn’t tied the knot, women under 40 generally won’t consider him and he probably has a reputation of being commitment phobic, which earns him the sobriquet of “toxic bachelor.” The Divorced The escalating divorce rate in the Orthodox community apes the behavior of American society as a whole where there is a perception that quick and simple solutions exist to complex problems.Go to any large quality kosher restaurant on almost any night and you’re sure to find a sheva brachot meal in progress.In shul, a barrage of aufrufs hog the bima and bring elaborate hot kiddushim to the masses.You have those who concentrated on their education and careers to the near exclusion of all else and/or concentrated on having a lot of fun dating a lot of people a lot of the time with not one serious thought in mind.This is an imitation of the secular and general population’s mores.Because of that, on the flip side of the coin are singles who go off the derech.

Due to the rigors of observant life and what can be the oppressive solitude of being alone, some people lose their kavanah and slowly, incrementally join the secular population as a means towards assuaging the deadening effect of shabbatot and holidays alone or spent with families that can inadvertently make them feel worse about their single status.Often, their former husbands did unpleasant things either during the marriage or the divorce (or both) and so a lot of these ladies really don’t want another man padding around the house scratching himself, watching sports on TV and making all the male bodily noises that they now find repugnant after a decade or two of living with their often now-hated ex.They would make an exception for a hedge fund guy bringing in seven figures a year and who looks like Brad Pitt, but these fellows are few and far between.Combine this with the relatively recent divorce boom in the Modern and centrist Orthodox communities and you have the makings of a midlife shiddach crisis.The over-40 frum single population is not nearly as homogeneous as those in their early 20s.A lot of over-40 frum female divorcees quite frankly have had it with marriage.

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