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With this spilling over of joy in the birth of our Savior came the tradition of walking from house to house singing carols, to bring the grace and peace of Christ’s Nativity to those around us.

We read together the “children’s” prayers before Communion, and put the little ones to bed.Igumen Pachomy (Bruskov) Igumen Pachomy (Bruskov) offers here some insightful and straight-forward words on focusing on the true joy of the feast of the Nativity of Christ, not allowing it to be crowded out by worldly celebrations.The two weeks between the feast of the Nativity of Christ and His Theophany have in Orthodox lands always been a time spent glorifying Christ in families and communities.Peter Davydov They asked me if I would go to Sura, in Archangelsk Province, in the Far North. ” And I’ll admit that throughout the whole time I’ve been here, never once—not one hour, not one minute—have I regretted that I ended up here. James Guirguis In today’s reading, given to us on this the eve of the New Year, we hear these words “Prepare the way of the Lord, make His paths straight.” If that is not a worthwhile New Year’s resolution, I am not sure what would be. What is the way of the Lord, and how do we prepare it?Prepare the way of the Lord, make His paths straight. Elena Galkina, Gerontissa Theodosia One of the issues of the journal Monastery Herald is dedicated to the monasteries of the island of the Aegean Sea.With the kind permission of the publisher, material from this issue—a conversation with the abbess of the Holy Trinity Convent on the island of Aegina, Gerontissa Theodosia—was published on

Vasiliy Shchipkov In this article, Vasiliy Shchipkov, who holds a Ph. in Philosophy from Moscow State Institute of International Relations, discusses the Christian approach to remembering the terrible time of Soviet repressions vs. Olga Rozhneva, Archimandrite Leonty (Zolotarev) The deputy abbot of the Zverinets Monastery of the Holy Archangel Michael in Kiev Archimandrite Leonty (Zolotarev) speaks about the role of Divine Providence in choosing one’s life’s path, and recalls his meetings with grace-filled ascetics and the wonderful miracles of God performed through the intercessions of the venerable fathers of Zverinets Monastery. I could read them all freely and easily, without glasses, with normal lighting.

No—His appearance so as to go to the Cross, for us and for the possibility of our salvation.

Anna Satrykina And now very soon, today, it’s Christmas!

(Though of course, the Sages will specify that their fence is rabbinic in nature, to avoid confusion with the Torah law.) As one example, the Torah says: "Do not boil a kid in it's mother's milk." On a Torah level, this only refers to meat from the three domesticated animals - cow, goat and sheep.

However, since people "intuitively" associate chicken as "meat," we also do not mix chicken and milk.

The purpose of a fence is to guard and protect, to keep us safe from danger.

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