Outlook inbox is not updating 0x00040820

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Outlook inbox is not updating 0x00040820 - sex city episodes online

Your server location could not be determined" Other users can view my calendar *and* schedule meetings with me; Scheduling Assistant shows my free/busy time.Test-Outlook Web Services -identity "user" reports back all Success Test-Email Configuration from the user's workstation is also successful nslookup on her machine returns the correct SRV record.

This frequently results in me sending emails from this WRONG account before I remember to select the account I have chosen as my default account.

Thanks for any help, Bonsai Bill I just downloaded Microsoft Office 2013 on a Windows 7 computer. I set up the Outlook 365 client on her laptop to pull messages from the net server and send messages via net.

I purchased this edition because of needing Outlook. Using pop on net as we've always done in the past did not appear to be an option.

Can anyone assist me in having my two separate folders, one for gmail one for AOL and have each of those emails go into those folders separately?

Also, how can I get my AOL emails back on the server? I migrated my Outlook pst file from XP machine to Win 8.1 machine.

She can still see all her messages on the Win 7 PC, so this is not a total disaster, but it is irritating.

She is also using the Outlook client from Office 365 on the Win 7 PC, so this is baffling to me, and I'm a Senior Technical Support Engineer at a networking company.Or is she just going to have to live with losing her inbox on her laptop? Gary Fisher I use two accounts in Outlook 2013 (64-bit) and the default account is working fine.The second account is set up Ok, sending email Ok, but stopped receiving email after the Windows 8.1 upgrade (I think - may be a coincidence though).Its fortunate I have it installed on my desktop PC s I can still get my e-mails but it is really annoying not to be able to get them on my laptop because of this problem.One suggestion if at the end of the day there is No answer is how do I get rid of Outlook 2013 completely - i.e. The badly written un install procedure does not give this option.I could not find the "leave mail on server" option, but that seems to be the default. It does not appear to be anywhere I would consider logical.

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