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Palloncini da colorware online dating

This warranty does not apply to damage caused by third party products used in conjunction with a Color Ware product; acts of nature, a loss of product functionality caused by accidental damage, cosmetic damages, or any faults potentially caused by the services of a non Color Ware representative.

Customers must attach their name, address, telephone number, email address, RMA number and description of problem to each product returned for warranty service.

When sending in a product for repairs, the RMA reference number must appear plainly on the outside of the shipping packaging.

RMA numbers can be obtained by emailing or calling Color Ware at the address and phone number printed on the Color Ware website.

Note that the coloring process will typically void any non-Color Ware outstanding warranties the customer may have.

If you discover a defect, Color Ware will, at its option, repair or replace the product as long as the default is found to be at the fault of Color Ware and reported within the aforementioned thirty (thirty) day period.

Products requiring warranty services must be sent back to Color Ware with a RMA reference number and not the authorized retailer in question.

(c) Personal product sent in for the Color Ware coloring process is warrantied against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 30 (thirty) days from the date of shipping the finished product.

(a) This warranty applies only to hardware products customized or manufactured by Color Ware that can be identified by the Color Ware trademark, trade name, or logo affixed to them.

Color Ware provides no warranty whatsoever for any software provided with its products; such software is warranted separately by their manufacturers.

Product modification includes, but is not limited to unauthorized alteration of the hardware that may involve removal of case components with exception to product designed for upgradeability (for information on product designed for upgradeability please contact Color Ware).

The Color Ware dead pixel policy with regards to a LCD or Plasma display requires a minimum of two dead or stuck pixels to qualify for warranty repair service.

Color Ware does not warrant any hardware products that are not Color Ware products.

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