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The movie focuses on the Battle of Columbus and is an odd mixture of serious drama/violence and utterly goofy comedy, like the ridiculous kill-the-fly sequence, which I guess was to make fun of Connor’s more-military-than-thou character.Due to the farcical elements it’s hard to take the radical violence seriously.

Clint Walker plays his right-hand man, Scotty with Anne Francis as the latter’s wife in a troubled marriage.

In an interview Reynolds admitted that he took Clint Eastwood's example (whom he replaced on the TV series "Rawhide") by going to Europe and starring in an Italian Western; unlike Eastwood who got Sergio Leone, however, Burt got Sergio Corbucci.

Despite this, Reynolds was in his prime and looks robust; being a stuntman, he did all his own stunts, which is impressive when you view the movie.

Woodrow Wilson retaliated by sending General Pershing and a punitive expedition into Mexico to apprehend Villa.

They went pretty deep south of the border, capturing and killing several of Villa's lieutenants, but failed to capture the famous revolutionary himself.

After that, though, well, things get a bit weird for me and my revolutionary business partner.

Although I suppose you can safely say Pancho doesn't make it easy for any of us. As mice have no heart - can you smell Luis (José María Prada) fart - how can you have bangers without mash - and at the end of the day, this film turns out to be one hell of a train crash.

Is it funny to see Mexican citizens shockingly shot on the spot at Villa’s whim?

Is it funny to see American soldiers & civilians slain during the raid on Columbus?

For me, this absurdly incongruous tone ruins the movie.

Despite my cavils, “Pancho Villa” is somewhat entertaining as a what-were-they-thinking early 70’s curiosity, not to mention Savalas & Walker are amusing as the protagonists and Connors as the often silly antagonist. For anyone who’s interested, Savalas sings the credits’ song.

Other highlights include the typically outlandish but memorable score by Ennio Morricone (pseudonymously credited as Leo Nichols), which is reminiscent of his later score for "Burn!

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