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Many have broad areas of meander and result in large areas of lakes and freshwater swamps.

Irian is the name used in the Biak language and other languages such as Serui, Merauke and Waropen.

The name was used until 2001, when the name Papua was again used for the island and the province.

The largest island offshore, Dolak (Frederik Hendrik, Yos Sudarso), lies near the Digul estuary, separated by a strait so narrow it has been named a "creek".

New Guinea contains many of the world’s ecosystem types: glacial, alpine tundra, savanna, montane and lowland rainforest, mangroves, wetlands, lake and river ecosystems, seagrasses, and some of the richest coral reefs on the planet.

However, the name New Guinea was later used by Westerners starting with the Spanish explorer Yñigo Ortiz de Retez in 1545, referring to the similarities of the indigenous people's appearance with the natives of the Guinea region of Africa.

The name is one of several toponyms sharing similar etymologies, ultimately meaning "land of the blacks" or similar meanings, in reference to the dark skin of the inhabitants.

The name Irian, which was originally favored by natives, is now considered to be a name imposed by the authority of Jakarta.

New Guinea is an island to the north of Australia, but south of the equator.

Yet the two land masses share a similar animal fauna, with marsupials, including wallabies and possums, and the egg-laying monotreme, the echidna.

Other than bats and some two dozen indigenous rodent genera, there are no pre-human indigenous placental mammals.

Various other smaller mountain ranges occur both north and west of the central ranges.

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