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The seat of the family for many hundreds of years was Cruacan mic Tigearnain where The O'Rourke was inaugurated Prince of the Brefny.

While the Barony of Tullyhunco or Teallach Donnchadha as it was called in Co Cavan, Ulster is the histroical seat of the Mc Ternans, the earliest known member of my Mc Ternan family line came from the Townland of Sheskin, Killargue Catholic parish, Killarga civil parish, Barony of Drumahaire, PLU of Manorhamilton, County Leitrim.

Based on the DNA test for 111 Mac Tighernans, it appears that the tested Mc Ternans fall into 19 separate genetic groups.

The 111 Mac Tighernans are from eleven countries and five continents from around the world.

By 1641, however, the family had even lost this possession, for, in that year, John mac Kernan was one of the gentlemen who led the rebels in a siege of Croaghan then occupied by Sir James Hamilton.

West Bréifne covers north Co Leitrim and the two baronies in Co Cavan, Tullyhunco and Tullyhaw.

The rulers of Muintir Kenny were of the family of Mac Con Snamha of Lough Allen.

The Mac Ternans, a Sept of the O'Rourkes, descended from Tighearnan O'Rourke ruled Teallach Donnchadha signifying the tribe or territory of Donogh, anglicized [Tullaghonoho] Tullyhunco in the present Co Cavan. The great Clan Mc Govern renowned for religion and learning ruled long and well in their mountain kingdom of Tealach Eachach now Tullyhaw, Co Cavan.

I don't yet have definitive proof but if memory serves he also described the line of the Clann Tigernain na Corradh as Mc Ternans as well." [end of Loughlan's comments] It is written in Irish history, that the Mc Ternans of Bréifne decend from both The O'Rourkes who were kings of Drumahaire, Co Leitrim and Tiernan, grandson of Turlough Mor O'Connor, past king of Ireland who lived in north Co Roscommon.

The DNA test that 111 Mac Tighernans took proved that both The O'Rorke and the O'Connor Don are not linked genetically to us.

Subsequently, however it was one of the first to be settled by the English in the 1600s.

That meant that the old Irish feudal system and traditions continued in Leitrim far longer than in other counties but then disappeared much quicker with the arrival of English settlers.

Or were they in fact distinct Mac Tigernain families?

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