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In another (separate from the one where I become a publisher) I'd write fiction. It's seems more than I can do in one life to both write essays and hack.And it is very dangerous to work on too many things.

We need controversal people because they are the best ones at starting discussions- very few worthwhile discussions have resulted from dull borinig commentary.

An alternative survey and companion piece to the more conventional retrospective book, is an abstract chronology of Graham’s archive.

A Colophon at the end of the book identifies the origin and film stock for each spread.

I am not exactly sure what I mean by "popular" perhaps I mean controversal.

Because of places like slashdot, some things that Graham has written, mostly passing comments really, have been blown greatly out of proportion and because of those comments it seems some people/groups are being a little too active to seperate themselves from Graham.

Graham is acknowledged as one of the very first British documentary photographers to work in color.

An accomplished C-type printer, Graham has always printed his own images, and early in his career, he made his living as a printer for others.

It also closes a chapter of Graham's working process and with his relationship to the physical material of photography itself.

His latest photographs — which will be published as the third installment in his continuing series of work on America — are being photographed digitally.

I'm aware of the problem of stealing thunder from other possible Lisp dialects, and that's why I try to mention others, like Goo.

I've been thinking of getting my shit together and collecting a bunch of people to work on Arc with me this summer.

I would love to be able to fork off twenty different processes.