Payloadvalidatinginterceptor schemas property

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Secondly, the static namespace property is used to classify the root payload element, so this endpoint will respond to 'Holiday Request' elements in the root of the incoming document payload, as long as it is in the specified namespace as indicated by the URI in the namespace property.NOTE: As of 0.2.3 the Spring WS plugin does not come packaged with the Functional Test plugin.

This is especially useful when you are working with a schema that has been in existence prior to your endpoint implementation, or perhaps is a public shared schema that you simply cannot change.As per the comments in the Callback Handler below, it's probably a good idea to have a cache manager, something like Hazelcast or Ehcache to cache authenticated users, depending on security / performance considerations.The Digest Validator below can just be used directly from the Sun library, I was just wanted to see how it worked.This means that although you can unit test an Endpoint, like any other Groovy class, the real value for testing is in functional tests where the endpoint is tested within a full web service stack.To this end, the Spring WS plugin provides an Endpoint Functional Test artefact to make creating this functional tests as easily as possible.The configuration for the Endpoint, Callback Handler and the LDAP Authentication manager.

The Application Context - Server Side: The Security Context - Server Side: The Web XML: Nothing really special here, just the Spring WS Message Dispatcher Servlet.

First, the name of the endpoint is important when it comes to which XML document payloads will be routed to this endpoint.

The Holiday endpoint will, by default, be invoked for incoming service invocations that contain an element called 'Holiday Request' as the root element in the payload.

We've introduced the neater with Endpoint Request feature in 0.2 of the plugin that means even less code in your endpoint functional tests (so now there really is no reason not to implement them).

New in version 0.2, To expose the Holiday Endpoint's wsdl we can now take advantage of the new configuration support for this.

On the service provision side, a first-class endpoint artefact is introduced including functional tests for endpoints.

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    Here's how it works: First of all, we'll need to establish some terminology to make this tutorial easier to follow.