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7«Sicily is an Island, having everywhere access to the sea. See also note 4 on p See also the recent paper presented at the international workshop organized by the British School in Rome and by the University of Southampton, Ports Networks in the Roman Mediterranean (March, 7 th and 8 th 2008).

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In any case, the use of written material even extremely important sources, such as the «Verrinae» is not always a valid means by which archaeologists and historians can find out precisely what they are looking for.2 This information has to be combined with other documentation, concerning, for example, the complex road infrastructure network3 on an island where portoria4 and markets were surely vital, the different types (and quantities) of goods were exchanged,5 the origin and role of the commercial operators whose presence is epigraphically attested as well as the economic and cultural role of each city, both coastal and inland. issn SOMMARIO Editorial Preface 11 Kristine Bøggild Johannsen, Campanareliefs im Kontext. Starting with the testimonies of the material culture, they are studying not only the handcrafts, but primarily the processes of social and ideological dynamics combined in the general concept of «culture» and the historical, socio-cultural context in which these dynamics were embedded.5 Despite the lack of relevant research and published material and especially the «deliberate» lack of focus on Hellenistic and Roman aspects of Sicily6 the past years have seen some attempts to draw a preliminary picture of the socio-economy and culture of Roman Sicily. Marc There is a long bibliography on the political status of Sicily as quoted by Cicero. 22 del 15-ix-2004 Direttore responsabile: Fabrizio Serra Sono rigorosamente vietati la riproduzione, la traduzione, l adattamento, anche parziale o per estratti, per qualsiasi uso e con qualsiasi mezzo effettuati, compresi la copia fotostatica, il microfilm, la memorizzazione elettronica, ecc., senza la preventiva autorizzazione scritta della Fabrizio Serra Editore, Pisa Roma, un marchio della Accademia editoriale, Pisa Roma. Proprietà riservata All rights reserved Copyright 2009 by Fabrizio Serra Editore, Pisa Roma, un marchio della Accademia editoriale, Pisa Roma Stampato in Italia Printed in Italy La Accademia editoriale, Pisa Roma, pubblica con il marchio Fabrizio Serra Editore, Pisa Roma, sia le proprie riviste precedentemente edite con il marchio Istituti editoriali e poligrafici internazionali, Pisa Roma, che i volumi delle proprie collane precedentemente edite con i marchi Edizioni dell Ateneo, Roma, Giardini editori e stampatori in Pisa, Gruppo editoriale internazionale, Pisa Roma, e Istituti editoriali e poligrafici internazionali, Pisa Roma. Junior researchers specializing in the study of Roman artefacts are approaching the cultural, social and economic matrix of the first province of the Empire. Nowadays, the reconstruction of the ancient picture is somewhat easier, thanks to the more precise and numerous information available: at that time, however, based on a preliminary analysis of the available archaeological and historical data, I could only propose a first outline of the presence and working of the commercial network on Sicily. Chrzanovski (International Lychnological Association) F. On that occasion, I underlined the difficulties in the realization of this work because studies were slow and published evidence was scarce and heterogeneous. When talking about the relationship between East and West we quoted some excerpta from the «Vita Hilarionis» by Saint Jerome, a Palestinian saint from Gaza who wrote around ad 380.

The first data were partial, yet primarily quantitative, thus considered reliable and useful to develop alternative proposals, from a historical, economic and social point of view.

3 On the fact that the Sicilian road network should be analysed in connection with the archaeological documentation, see Uggeri 2004 (with bibliography).

4 About the portoria, see De Salvo Nowadays, there is no reference study about the presence of Roman pottery in Sicily; this study is documented only for specific classes.

Con breve notizia di alcuni frammenti inediti del «Thorvaldsens Museum» di Copenhagen 39 Paul Reynolds, Linear typologies and ceramic evolution 61 Jean Bussière, Nouveaux outils de potiers africains d époque romaine (ive-vies.) 89 Ben Russell, The dynamics of stone transport between the Roman Mediterranean and its hinterland 107 Daniele Malfitana et al., Roman Sicily Project («rsp»): Ceramics and Trade. The essay by Mario Mazza7 is still the most complete report on Roman Sicily. A very interesting overview is Dubouloz - Pittia 2007 (various papers).

Ein Beitrag zur Neubewertung der Funktion und Bedeutung der Campanareliefs in römischen Villen 15 Eloisa Dodero, Il vetrocammeo nella prima età imperiale: una sintesi. This first attempt, however, was focused mostly on historical evidence and not so much on the archaeological record. Lazzaretti 2006 and Perkins Most recently, Prag 2007 discussed historical, political, social and legal aspects of Sicily during Cicero s period.

In the chapter of the «Verrinae», in which he discussed the deceptions of Verres in Syracusae, he refers to the island as follows: «Cogitate nunc, cum illa Sicilia sit, hoc est insula quae undique exitus maritimos habeat, quid ex ceteris locis exportatum putetis, quid Agrigento, quid Lilybaeo, quid Panhormo, quid Thermos, quid Halaesa, quid Catina, quid ex ceteris oppidis, quid vero Messana».7 1 Malfitana - Poblome - Lund See the considerations of the main author on some important Sicilian archaeological contexts which, even after many years, remain unpublished: Malfitana 2006 a, p. 3 See also the author s considerations in Malfitana 2006 a, pp Portale 2005, p «Regionalism and Internationality in Roman Sicily: a general overview of fine and common wares, amphorae and material culture assemblages» Unit ( ).

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