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Phone dating chat talk line - north yorkshire dating agencies

He may just be shy or worried that he’ll say the wrong thing and disappoint you or reveal his insecurity.

You have no face to look at, no body language to read. A man can lose his confidence fast in these situations because phone conversations become entirely about what one says, rather than what one does.

On the other hand, when women talk, they tend to wander and spread out like a wide, meandering river.

What starts off as plans to catch a movie may go into an all night sobbing marathon of broken hearts!

Now, unless it’s the last reason where he really, really hates you, I guess you shouldn’t really have a problem with the scarcity of his calls.

But it’s really quite hard to figure which category your man would fit into, because obviously, he’s not going to accept that he doesn’t like speaking with you over the phone.

And if he isn’t on phone listening to you, there are a hundred, probably even a million other things he could do.

He could dream about making money, meet new clients, relax, stare at the ceiling, shave, play games, watch funny youtube videos, watch porn, watch the lord of the rings, hit the gym, and a million other things.

Talking over the phone with you would not only give him a headache, but also put him back on his other daily activities. Most women think this is the principal reason, but as a matter of fact, this is the last reason for a man to avoid your calls. He may have liked you when you guys met, but after putting up with you during all those long phone calls, he’s probably nursing a nervous breakdown, or has written for a restraining order.

Don’t ever assume that he doesn’t want to speak to you, unless you’re convinced it’s none of the other reasons. [Read: Where to find a nice guy] Or he probably thinks you’ve got a mouth that’s fitted with a motor that throws out words at gusts of 300 words a minute peaking up to 600 at times, and he finds it really annoying.

But you know what, the fact of the matter remains that most men are shy to talk to women over the phone.

Real conversations over the phone (not just the back-and-forth “Hey, what’s up?

At last I get to enlighten all the women about the real reason behind why we men just don’t call even if we really like you. The flaw of all things between men and women ensures that both sexes just have different ideas about phone ethics. But over the phone, any call that persists beyond a few minutes spells just one word. Men like being in control, but once they find themselves whimpering in a corner with conversations that have no clear direction, they lose their composure.

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