Polyamory friendly dating sites

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Polyamory friendly dating sites - online dating paradox of choice

For them, intimate love is an expansive experience, and they can’t imagine why it should be limited to one person.

It does not necessarily imply any particular kind of commitment, or even an ongoing connection.

It means that each person freely and knowingly consents to participating in this kind of relationship style.

Many people assume that the sexual variety is the main reason for being polyamorous.

If one person in a relationship winds up spending time with a third person, the existing partner doesn’t worry that they might have sex.

It is already an option, and either they will or they won’t—and both outcomes are OK.

We aren’t passing any judgment on any of these arrangements, and we support any fully consensual choices that individuals make about their sex lives, but these are not what is usually meant by “polyamory”.

A classic poly joke is that “with swinging, you get sex; with polyamory, you get breakfast.” Most polyamorous relationships that have been established for more than a few months involve many activities other than sex, and the sexual activity plays much the same role as it does for most people in monogamous relationships.

In a sense, polyamory is simply all the possibilities and patterns that might happen in a caring friendship, with the possibilities of sex and romance added in as *features* of the friendship-- as opposed to the sex and romance being the *basis* of that connection.

Another benefit of polyamory is that for some people, it can take the issue of sex “off the table” as a concern.

There are many wonderful sites on the web for information about polyamory.

This page is meant as a short list of some of the best of them.

Others find that they can be quite happy relating in either a monogamous style, or a polyamorous one. The practice of polyamory differs from so many basic monogamous patterns that it takes time to absorb the implications and figure out how to translate those into day-to-day relationships. It can be very important that if you are in a poly situation, that you connect yourself to the polyamory community in one or more ways.

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