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Guests are welcome to bring food/beverages into lounge purchased on cafe side if they choose to do so. To ensure we keep this policy in place (and not have to revert back to 8 & older), we strongly encourage parents/guardians to help us by observing the rules of the lounge at all times!

His criminal history includes several drug-related arrests dating back to 2004 and an arrest on robbery charges in 2002.

The app is available to our parents and students at no cost and can be downloaded directly form the i Tunes App Store, Google play store, amazon appstore or from the links provided below.

There's no stupider animal on earth than a human male who thinks he’s about to score.

The remaining 30 minutes of class will allow practitioners to find their meditative seat and/or spend time to simply enjoy sharing space and playing with the cats. They have sent us a new streaming camera to use in our lounge and wow is it impressive!

Class is open to beginners and more advanced practitioners, as instructors will always format class so that it is accessible and enjoyable for all. The new Petcube Play is significantly smaller than it’s predecessor but packs more capabilities. Add 1080p video and night vision capabilities and this is one very cool camera to watch your pets when away from home.

David Brian Martin, 32, appeared in Clackamas County court via video Monday afternoon to face charges of burglary, rape, sodomy and kidnapping.

Molalla police arrested Martin in a Safeway parking lot Friday evening after an officer recognized his car.

If you have allergies but still love cats, we do have a separate cafe area with windows looking into the lounge.

Small bites menu, rotating draft beer, cider and regional wines are available on the cafe side. We’ve lowered age requirements for children from 8 to 6 years of age in the 12pm to 4pm cat lounge slots.

Another product sure to get some attention is the Petcube Bites – a streaming camera with ability to toss treats out to your pets via your mobile device!

Friends of Purringtons can control our Petcube Play camera on their mobile device and “play” with the cats in the lounge. Our camera is on daily from 7AM to AM (PST) though we will be adjusting the schedule so more time can be available for play!

A sex abuse suspect accused of attacking two women this week has a long history or arrests and deportations, according to court documents.

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