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Environmental health had been involved at it needed to be monitored.

The contents of the letter were noted.52 COUNTY COUNCILLOR' S REPORT Councillor Marston reported on the following matters:-(a) Road Safety - proposed 40mph area at Waen Road Denbighshire CC had categorised roads for safety measures using data derived from accidents and other incidents and inspections and Waen Road had not been identified as a priority for this financial year.(b) Old School Site Rhuallt Denbighshire CC Planning Department had been in consultation with the owners of the site but there were no firm proposals to improve the visual amenity at present.(c) Crash Barrier at Rhuallt Hill This was now repaired.(d) Bridges Survey A bridges survey had revealed that the arch at Pont Llanerch was in good condition and not restrictive at present.

And in particular the workings of the plant based in Waen.

The presentation explained how Biogen's anaerobic digestion scheme operated resulting in the production of fertilizer, methane and ultimately electricity for the national grid network.

Following a question and answer session Members thanked Kate and David for their attendance.46 NORTH WALES POLICE REPORTPCSO Dave Jones addressed the meeting and outlined recent criminal activity within the Community.

He stated that there had only been a few minor issues to address recently and that the local Police Officers were very pleased with the reduction in anti-social behaviour in the area.47 URGENT MATTERS/ CHAIR' S ANNOUNCEMENTSAudit Return - to be taken under Finance item.48 DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST None49 MINUTESThe Minutes of the Meetings of Council held on 29 July 2017 and Planning Committee on 23 August and 13 September 2017 were considered.

They had raised issues and two amendments were needed:-Amendment to Box 12 (Assets) to £13,503Inset Minute no.

31 into Section 2 of the form Re-sign form if accepted by the Council.

The possible cause of recent gas escape had been identified and rectified and it was noted that this was the exception rather than the rule as there were regular inspections of plant and gas collection processes.

The company assured the Council of the rigorous regime that was in place and this would be continues.

Home Whats On & Updates on Events Community Councillors News Planning Meetings & Planning Minutes Picture Gallery - Village & Local Events Church News & Events Useful Contact Numbers and Links Councillors Register of Interests Social Groups PCSO Dave Jones addressed the meeting and outlined recent criminal activity within the Community.

He stated that there had only been a few minor issues to address recently but warned Members to be vigilent in the run up to Christmas and to warn residents about the recent spate of on-line fraud such as rogue traders on EBay.

47/2017/680, 47/2017681, 47/2017/682.25 MINUTESThe Minutes of the Meeting of Council held on 22 June 2017 were considered.

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