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Leave "Program Name" and "Program Office" to "All" and click the gray Search button.

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However, you must complete all steps of the application and have submitted it before the submission deadline of the solicitation you are applying for arrives.Regardless of the system used to apply, grant recipients will use GMS for award acceptance and all post-award grant reporting.GMS downloads applications from and is the system in which OJP reviews applications and manages awarded grants. Click on the "Funding Opportunities" link four links down on the left.For a computer-based training on Application procedures, please go to the following link:, then access the 'External Overview' section.Then on the 'Menu', select the 'Application Overview' option.In this case, contact your program manager or program office, give them your application number, and ask if they can reopen the application for you to make changes.

This depends upon which application number the program office/program manager has already approved.If you have navigated through the "funding opportunities" section and clicked the "apply online" link, then an application number has been created for you under that particular grant (for example: 2007-X1234-CA-IJ).This application number means that you have "registered" for the grant.The application has 7 pages, which are listed as links in descending order on the left side of your screen.In order, these pages are Overview, Applicant Information, Project Information, Budget and Program Attachments, Assurances/Certifications, SF424, and Submit Application.The "registration deadline" refers to the time by which you must have started/created the application by clicking the "apply online" link in the Funding Opportunities section.