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To do that, you have 2 choices: Provide Money Gram representatives with transfer numbers, the dates, and the name of the receiver.

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Can Russian police arrest the scammer when she comes to pick up the money at Western Union?

In some cases, however, if refuses to provide such information without a court order.

What to do if Money Gram has refused to provide you with information?

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Hattrick celebrates 5 years in 2003 by hitting 60,000 users worldwide.For example, a scammer may say that he or she is living in Kazan, Tatarstan Republic, all the while he or she is actually living (and scamming) in Yoshkar-Ola, which is a next republic over.If you do not double-check the location information provided to you by the scammer, you will send your complaint to the law enforcement in Tatarstan Republic, and they naturally won't be able to find any trace of the scammers in their jurisprudence.If you find out that your panpal claimed to live in Kazan but the money was received in Yoshkar-Ola, for example, the actual crime occurred in Yoshkar-Ola, and the complaint needs to be filed with Yoshkar-Ola police and not with Kazan police.To request that information, you will have to contact Money Gram (we cannot do it for you).To put the name of your scammer into their black list, please contact Money Gram and ask to speak to someone from the Fraud Department. Apparently, different Money Gram employees are being provided different instructions for the proper procedures for handling of the receiver's information., so different victims have different degrees of success when requesting information from Money Gram.