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(Hebrew) Books in Preparation In Preparation Lipschits, O., Gadot, Y. Ramat RaÆel IV – The Renewed Excavations by the Tel Aviv-Heidelberg Expedition (2005-2010): Stratigraphy and Architecture(The Emery and Claire Yass Publications in Archaeology – Monograph Series of the Institute of Archaeology of Tel Aviv University).

1), which is identified with biblical Giv‘at Sha’ul, prior to construction. A square rock-cutting with three steps in its western side was discovered in the southern square (L6; 2 × 2 m; Figs. The rim of a cooking pot dating to the Herodian period was discovered in the fill above the rock-cutting. The step of the western rock-cutting extended north beyond the boundaries of the square; however, not being straight and probably not deliberately hewn, it was natural.Based on its shape, it seems that the shaft tomb was hewn in the Intermediate Bronze Age and according to the ceramic finds, it continued to be used in Middle Bronze IIB, as did other burial fields discovered in the region of the central hill country (e.g., the Holy Land burial site in Jerusalem, Qadmoniot 1–25).Although only a single tomb was discovered, it should be viewed as one of many and it can be assumed that additional tombs of its kind exist in the vicinity, since most shaft tombs are concentrated in burial fields (Qadmoniot 141). Obtained his Ph D 2004 on the “Continuity and change: the transition between the Late Bronze Age and the Iron Age in Israel central coastal plain”. Room 000 Telephone: 000 Email: [email protected] Hours: Schedule by Email CV Yuval Gadot Is a researcher at the Sonia and Marco Nadler Institute of Archaeology, Tel Aviv University. Radiocarbon dating provides the principal chronometric data for the Middle and Upper Palaeolithic, Epipalaeolithic, and Chalcolithic periods in the southern Levant.

It is a secondary source of dating evidence for the Early Bronze age, when archaeological correlations with Syria and especially Egypt become available.

Egypt and the Levant 2012 Cabanes, D., Gadot, Y., Cabanes, M., Finkelstein, I., Weiner, S. “Human impact around settlement sites: A phytolith and mineralogical study for assessing site boundaries, phytolith preservation, and implications for spatial reconstructions using plant remains”.

“Phoenician “Torpedo” Storage Jars and Egypt: Standardization of Volume Based on Linear Dimensions”. “Ramat Rahel during the Babylonian and Persian Periods: The Archaeology of a Royal Edifice”.

Orly Goldwasser is chair of Egyptology at the Hebrew University and Honorary Professor at the University of Göttingen.

Her research interests range from the origins of the alphabet to the relationship between ancient Egyptian "determinatives" and modern theories regarding world classification.

The excavation (3 × 13 m), on the western slope of the tell, was aimed to ascertain the nature of rock-cuttings visible along the surface. The shaft was excavated to a depth of 1 m, before suspension of work due to the determination that this was a tomb.

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