Radioactive dating christianity

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This was what Galileo taught, and in 1616 he had to appear before the Catholic Churchs Inquisition.

This adventure is made possible by generations of searchers strictly adherent to a simple set of rules. This was the start of modern empirical science, and our collective understanding of the universe hasnt been the same since. It refers to ideas that are capable of being verified or disproved by observation or experiment.

If you were to take two coins and glue them together, then drop them at the same time as you drop a single coin, would they fall twice as fast as the single coin?

Empirical evidence is not simply one type of evidence, but rather it is the only evidence that we can rely on, because it is reproducible.

Empirical evidence is the basis for physical science. It wasnt just some strange heavenly object; it was probably made out of the same stuff as Earth.

Galileo also took the new invention of the telescope, refined it, and used it to look at the night sky. In 1610 Galileo looked at Jupiter and discovered that he could see four moons.

In 1992, after 12 years of deliberations, they grudgingly noted that Galileo had been right in supporting the Copernican theories.

Even then, they ascribed his genius to God, who, stirring in the depths of his spirit, stimulated him, anticipating and assisting his intuitions. His writings are still on the Vaticans list of forbidden texts, and Pope John Paul II refused to even apologize for the Catholic Church's torture killing of Bruno.

There is also extensive evidence that Jesus and all gods are fictional characters myths created mainly by people who had little understanding of how our universe operates. If you could get ten good Christians to pray that this next coin wouldnt fall, would it still fall? This means that science doesnt incorporate any supernatural or religious assumptions and doesnt seek any religious or supernatural explanations. Around 1600, Galileo had a new idea for his culture.

We all like myths and other stories, but we don't have to believe them. You can grab three coins and actually do the experiment, or just do a thought experiment. Science is the use of evidence to construct testable explanations and predictions of natural phenomena, as well as the knowledge generated through this process. Steven Novella wrote this about science: What do you think science is? It is simply a systematic way for carefully and thoroughly observing nature and using consistent logic to evaluate results. He decided to do something that now seems like common sense to actually test the idea of what we now call gravity.

[Note: Some Christians claim that their god would not do such party tricks, but their Bible has many examples.] Our understanding of the world around us, and our abilities to predict what will happen are based on naturalism the basis of science. Aristotle (384 BCE* 322 BCE) thought so, and for over 1900 years his ideas were what was taught about this and many other subjects.

Science also depends on mathematics, which likewise has no religious or supernatural component. Follow the evidence wherever it leads, and question everything. He reasoned that two weights held together would fall at the same rate as one weight.

However, Galileo later got permission from the pope (a friend of his) to write a book, as long as the Church's ideas and Galileo's were given equal weight.

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