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The architecture of Seacroft varied throughout the construction of the estate.

Seacroft now has a reputation for crime and deprivation.

As such amenities were at a minimum in Swarcliffe and Whinmoor, with the estates only having parades of small local shops, public housing and primary schools.

Seacroft also has the main central bus interchange for North East Leeds, although the nearest railway station is in Cross Gates.

In the early 1950s, 500 Wates type houses - a prefabricated system construction - were built on the sub-divided north of the Lupton family's Beechwood Estate.

In 2014, members of the Lupton family still retain ownership of the land around Asket Hill.

The Venerable Bede records the battle of Winwaed between King Oswy's forces and the, unsuccessful, invading Mercians under King Penda.

Bede gives this as taking place near Seacroft on 15 November 655.The older council houses were generally built to a higher quality and are still in good condition.The northern parts of the estate were generally built first (with the exception of pockets of temporary prefabs), leaving undeveloped land between Seacroft and Gipton and Killingbeck to the South and West in the early years.Work began in the early 1950s on what was originally known as the Beechwood Estate.Many of the older houses on the estate are more traditional red-brick semis.In the late 1960s and 1970s the prefabricated housing built towards the South West of the estate was constructed.

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