Rancher dating

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Rancher dating

Despite the name, Farmers isn’t just for farmers, Miller notes.

She raises dogs, cats, goats and a rabbit, along with six parrots.

They’d go out a few times, and as the rapport built, he’d invite her to spend the weekend at his place.

Many times, the budding romance had wilted by Sunday afternoon.

“You’re so limited in who you meet and who’s around you,” she said of small-town dating.

Then here, on a rural Internet site, was Brian Jones, a 51-year-old third-generation cattle, sheep and horse rancher from Thermopolis, Wyoming.

” Although he lives in a Cleveland suburb, Miller grew up in a rural area and owns a separate business firm catering to farmers and ranchers and the businesses seeking to reach them.

“I talked to single farmers and ranchers all over the country and discovered they all had the same problems,” Miller explains.

Widower Warren Cooper never would have met the skydiving piano teacher in the course of his daily life.

She lived 90 miles away, and they had no friends in common.

“I’ve had women come out here and not like the solitude,” Cooper explains.

“If you’re used to living in the city, it can be unnerving.” That rural-urban disconnect prompted Ohio entrepreneur Jerry Miller to launch Farmers ( and to promote it at agricultural trade shows with a banner declaring: “City Folks Just Don’t Get It!

When a match works out well, members tend to let their -a-month (-a-year) memberships lapse, but occasionally a couple will e-mail Miller gushing about their wedding.