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On one side, Parker has more than a bit of hero worship going on.He wants nothing more than to be a key cog in Stark's life both as a person and as an Avenger.

For more about Spider-Man: Homecoming 4K and the Spider-Man: Homecoming 4K Blu-ray release, see Spider-Man: Homecoming 4K Blu-ray Review published by Spider-Man: Homecoming is Sony's third big-screen adaptation for the popular Marvel superhero in well under two decades, dating back to 2002's Spider-Man, which spawned two sequels, only to be re-imagined in The Amazing Spider-Man and its sequel a few years later.

How many scenes of Spider-Man using all his might and webs to hold up some in-peril bus or train or boat can audiences tolerate to watch?

How many special effects-supported villains can he fight?

Spider-Man: Homecoming's UHD release contains both HDR and Dolby Vision color.

Unfortunately, we are currently not able to review Dolby Vision but we are studying equipment options and will be upgrading in the near future.

The HDR color palette doesn't fundamentally alter the movie's overall color scheme.

It's a reserved, tasteful application, offering a modest boost in saturation and accuracy to the red and blue Spider-Man suit, the tradeoff being a smidgen of vibrancy.

This latest take on the character saw his debut in Disney/Marvel's Captain America: Civil War, where the webslinger was once again recast and retooled, this time as a protg of billionaire playboy Tony Stark, a.k.a. All of the Spider-Man films (and most comic book movies, for that matter) have been major financial success and to some degree have all been critical successes, too, so it's no surprise to see the studios continue to churn them out at breakneck speed.

But here are just a few of the million-dollar questions: at what point does it all just begin to look and feel the same?

There's a brief discussion between Peter and his friend Ned about the Spider-Man origins, but such begins and ends there.

And that's wise, not only wise because the character as-is has been previously established in another movie but because, frankly, as the third go-round for Spider-Man in well under two decades, there's no point in rehashing the same thing that audiences have seen before.

There wouldn't be a movie like this otherwise, but to say that watching these same scenarios play out for the sixth time just in Spider-Man movies isn't getting a little long in the tooth would be to lie.