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It destroyed cars and broke windows in the area, radio news reports said.

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The dead included Myrian Nassa, a reporter for the radio network Caracol, who was in a nearby car when the explosion occurred, the network said.Also killed was Patricia Roman, wife of Senator-elect Jorge Carvajal of the ruling Liberal Party.The explosion blew at least two bodies into a nearby river, a fire department official said.Between 19, Caracol would acquire several stations, such as Emisora Mil 20, Emisoras Eldorado and La Voz de Colombia (Bogotá), Radio Reloj (Panama), Sociedad Informativa de Contrapunto, La Voz del Café (Pereira), Pregones del Quindío (Armenia), Radio Comercio (Bucaramanga), and Radio Visión (Medellín), and absorb small networks as Cadena Radial Andina and Sociedad Nacional de Radiodifusión.In the same year Julio Mario Santo Domingo would acquire the 50% of both Caracol Radio and Caracol TV, with 25% belonging to Alfonso López Michelsen, and the other 25% for the family of Fernando Londoño Henao.RCN Radio (Radio Cadena Nacional, "National Radio Network") is one of the main radio networks in Colombia.

Founded in 1949 with the integration of Radio Pacífico (Cali), La Voz de Medellín' and Emisora Nueva Granada (Bogotá).

It also operates affiliate stations in Tame (Tame FM Stereo), Ocana, Mariquita (Ondas del Gualí), Puerto Lopez (Marandúa Stereo).

You can listen to RCN Radio in New York in 98.7 and 89.9 FM in RCN Radio International.

Caracol Radio (Cadena Radial Colombiana, "Colombian Radio Network") is one of the main radio networks in Colombia.

Founded in Medellín in 1948 when La Voz de Antioquia station acquired the 50% of Emisoras Nuevo Mundo, based in Bogotá.

In 1956, Caracol owned and operated four stations: La Voz de Antioquia (Compañía Colombiana de Radiodifusión, Medellín, HJDM, currently Radio Reloj Medellín), La Voz del Río Cauca (Cali, currently Caracol Cali, HJED), Emisoras Nuevo Mundo and Radio Reloj.