Rodney james alcala dating show

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At first I asked the producers if I could meet Rodney himself.He’s still alive, on Death Row, and I thought about meeting him, but they advised me against it, and then I agreed with them.

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I think it took a really long time for him to get what he deserved.

I felt like I didn’t want to conjure up painful memories and feelings they had about this guy.

I don’t know how they feel about a movie being made about this person who killed a family member of theirs.

As Huck in ABC’s “Scandal,” Guillermo Diaz is accustomed to playing a dark figure who does morally questionable things.

But his new role as convicted serial killer Rodney Alcala in Investigation Discovery’s (ID) first scripted true crime project, “The Dating Game Killer,” takes things to a whole other level.

The movie follows Rodney through the years, being on the FBI’s Most Wanted list, getting arrested for some of his offenses, but ultimately let go time and again so he could continue to take new victims.

He was finally sentenced to death in 2010, but he’s actually still alive today.I also didn’t want to use that or let that inform me too much because then you’re playing the ending of the film.If just reading about his crimes made you feel ill, what were the most challenging scenes to actually shoot?I decided after that point to just concentrate on the task at hand — the script, the movie.I had all of that history in the back of my head when I was playing the character, obviously, but I didn’t want it to sidetrack me or derail me.Ahead of the premiere of “The Dating Game Killer,” Diaz talks with about embodying the man and the monster, as well as if he feels justice was served with Alcala’s eventual sentence.