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It represents quite a change from the Pocketronic 12 years earlier. The printing mechanism moves although I do not have a paper test to fully test it. Came with 5.5" x 8" guidebook (150 pages), quick reference manual and box. (1982) similar to the TI 1030, 1031, and similar Slimline TI calculators, this one sports an E. Mine was purchased on e Bay and is in good working and cosmetic condition.

(1994) according to this was the last TI calculator assembled in the USA, although of foreign and domestic components. 8 digit LCD display with solar power (no battery backup). Date is from which also indicates this is the second of two versions of the TI 5008. Purchased on e Bay on 5-9-06 for .26 plus .50 shipping. phones home using a modified TI Speak and Spell like the one in the prior section. T..) also has photos of one in the original packaging and an internal view of the display.My collection represents only a small fraction of TI calculators. Also, there may be some corrosion near the negative terminal on the circuit board itself. Click on Datamath - Internal Views for interior views of the three versions. I later acquired a working SR-10 on e Bay on July 30, 2005 for .99 plus shipping from the original owner who rolex replica sale used it in college. has an excellent technical discussion including internal photographs. A scientific caluclator in that it has scientific notation, square root, 1/x and x squared.For very comprehensive and detailed information on TI calculators, I recommend you browse through Donations of vintage calculators are also always gratefully known as the TI 2500, was the first TI pocket calulator. Be sure to check out the history section of an excellent discussion of the development of the Datamath calculator and TI's two desktop calculators, the TI 3000 and TI 3500 introduced at the same time. TI's first "scientific calculator," since it has scientific notation. The original Ni Cad batteries were removed and there is some corrosion. It comes with a charger which cannot be used without the Ni Cad batteries. I wanted a SR-50 in 1974 while in high school, but it cost about 0 - in excess of 0 in today's dollars. Another example (a gift) does not have the rechargable battery. has excellent and detailed information about the TI SR-50. It does not have trigonometric and log functions, however. according to in 1972 along with the Datamath pocket calculator and the TI 3000 desktop.popular graphing calculator purchased 2001 for about 0. (1984) a small printing LCD financial calculator using thermal printing.The TI 83 has a Z80 family processor, like the Kaypro II computer. Similar to the TI 5008 above with some of the financial capabilities and styling of the TI BA35 above. Small for a printing calculator at roughly 6" X 3" X 1".(I have seen an old ad stating a 5 price, however.) 5 in 1969 dollars equals an astonishing ,868.96 in 2009 dollars.

The QT-8D was nevertheless not only much smaller than prior electronic calculators, but also much less expensive.

My dad got the family a Sharp ELSI 8107 with basic operations when I was a senior in high school.

I bought a Commodore scientific calculator while a freshman or sophomore at UCSD for (see Vintage Technology Museum for an example) and a beautiful Sharp LCD scientific calculator (below) a year or two later for about when the Commodore broke.

My museum also contains sections for calculators from Sharp, Casio, Hewlett Packard and other manufacturers. (But see the Canon Pocketronic below.) Manufactured in 1972-73, they originally sold for 9.95, over 0 in today's dollars, enough for a laptop computer. Different versions manufactured from late 1972 to 1975. January 1974, successor line to the original 2500 calculators, the TI 2550 added a full memory function, with a price tag of .50. Compare the .95 price in 1976 with the 0 price of an SR 50 two years earlier. This was purchased on e Bay on October 7, 2005 with 5 other calculators for .50 plus shipping. There was some corrosion on one of the battery compartment terminals. according to in 1972 along with the Datamath pocket calculator. The TI 3000 and TI 3500 were Texas Instruments first desktop calculators. The TI 3500 sold for .95, over 0 in today's dollars, more than enough to get a nice desktop computer today.

Where I could find or remember information, I have included the approximate price of the calculators. There is an excellent discussion at a copy of the manual. I purchased a second one on e Bay on 11-11-05 in perfect working condition as part of a lot of 24 calculators and organizers for .99 and .30 shipping. I have several working examples, one with one LED cell broken. It is in good cosmetic condition with the trim worn with use. Purchased on 2-20-06 on e Bay as part of a lot of six calcuators for .50 plus .94 shipping. The original version had button keys and was replaced in 1980 with a second version (see Datamath) with membrane keys. With some Aluminum foil wedged in I finally got it working. It has an interesting orange "Panaplex II" display. The TI 3500 had a 10 digit display instead of the 8 digit display of the TI 3000.

(See, e.g.,, ) Later a battery pack was added to create the Model QT-8B, one of the first portable calculators.

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