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A Roman imperial palace Felix Romuliana dating from the third century AD is located nearby.It was known as Felix Romuliana, named after the Emperor's mother Romula.The site consists of fortifications, the palace in the north-western part of the complex, basilicas, temples, hot baths, memorial complex, and a tetrapylon.Tractor supply was willing to have it repaired for free, but was unsure how long the repair would take.Being it was only a couple of months old I insisted on a new replacement.Theater is being renamed during its 45th (1992) bithday into "Zoran Radmilović" to celebrate a famous and beloved actor who was born there.

Every year, this theater is a home of art festival "Dani Zorana Radmilovića". I called tractor supply and told them the machine had a problem.Even with the belt replaced the left drive would not work and the right drive was starting to grind as well.) is a city and municipality in the eastern part of Serbia.According to the 2011 census the town has a population of 42,916, and its coordinates are 43.91° North, 22.30° East.Elementary schools In 2011, the city of Zaječar has a population of 58,547 people, and the town has 42,916.