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439 The Vandals, led by King Gaiseric, take Carthage.1216 King John of England died and was succeeded by his nine-year-old son Henry.

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He has worked with William Burroughs, JG Ballard, Henry Rollins, Margaret Cho, John Waters and that’s just naming a...

It's the holy grail of photography," Jeff Aiello, executive director of the documentary "Billy the Kid: New Evidence," told the San Francisco Chronicle.

"It is the rarest photograph in the world and it was found in a Fresno junk shop." The image appears to show The Kid and his gang, The Regulators, playing croquet at a wedding in Lincoln County, New Mexico, late in the summer of 1878, according to Kagin's, the numismatic company that authenticated it.

“It is necessary to come to a conclusion about the future of Syria, it is necessary to talk about the destiny of President Assad, to come to a political settlement.

We are not against it, so we came up with the idea of a political delegation.” Medvedev says that the US had shown “weakness” in refusing to commit to bilateral talks, adding that, IS continues to spread and “only Russia’s involvement has changed the situation.” “I think that this is silly behavior.

Talking to the Rossiya 1 TV station, Dmitry Medvedev said he was perplexed at the reasons behind the US not wanting to agree to President Putin’s proposal to work with Washington to drive the Islamic State out of Syria.

RT reports: “The issue is that our American colleagues always tell us that it is necessary to solve the problem in a single package,” Medvedev said.1469 Ferdinand II of Aragon married Isabella I of Castile, a marriage that paved the way to the unification of Aragon and Castile into a single country, Spain. 1789 John Jay was sworn in as the first Chief Justice of the United States.1813 The Battle of Leipzig concluded, giving Napoleon Bonaparte one of his worst defeats.However, these underground bases and conduits are believed to be widespread across Syria, so more work needs to be done, Konashenkov says.SOURCE One person has been killed and at least four were wounded at this year's Zombi Con in Fort Myers, Florida.1822 In Parnaíba; Simplício Dias da Silva, João Cândido de Deus e Silva and Domingos Dias declared the independent state of...

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    I love those warm fuzzy affirmations as much as the next guy, but if we don't know our strengths and weaknesses, how can we chart our lives?

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    Because you live in the age of infinite, accessible information laying at your fingertips. All that value the notion of humanity above primal animal urges and violent impulses of the jungle. But the most glaring thing that consistently thwarted my attempts to enjoy Bro Skater 5 were the rampant performance issues.