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Prince felt very uncomfortable with this teenager expressing this and showing his attraction, and promptly excluded him from his circle, despite producing and writing a very successful single for Tevin that brought a lot of money to both of them. Hollywood Madame reveals Smith has had Dalliances with Male Prostitutes.IUC has learned actor Will Smith has swung both ways for years.

A closet-case who has his masculinity challenged is vicious and ugly. I know a lot of DL brothas and Puerto Ricans who think the same way: it's not gay, it's, you know, when there ain't no women around, nothing wrong with getting a little freaky from time to time.Being together was an ingenious way for both of them to keep hiding in the closet.I’m not sure what they’re up to now but I know that a recently Whitney was seeing a white young actress at least half her age.” The source added that Whitney’s late father wanted to kill Bobby Brown for ruining his daughter’s life and career.It was the most ugly showbiz family feud ever.” The top NYC musician went on to tell IUC that Brown’s addiction to drugs over the years was fuelled by a homosexual relationship that went sour. Cillian Murphy Tom Cruise - Katie's an idiot Ellen - List filler Paris Hilton Lindsay Lohan Samantha Ronson - List lengthener Ryan Seacrest Angelina Jolie - She's straight now, give her a break Jodie Foster TR Knight - Who woulda thunk it?“He was in love with a leading male actor who got like himself got married to hide his sexuality,” the source said. Jonathan Taylor Thomas Neil Patrick Harris - He already came out too!That’s when and I’m told Luda and Diamond were having sex on a yacht…Diamonds friends were reportedly concerned because they knew Ludajuice is bisexual…and their friend was having sex with Luda without a condom. Here’s the latest on Luda’s bisexual tendencies – Part of Luda’s assistant’s “J.

D.” (Keshia Knight Pulliam’s brother) duties are to pick-up boys for Luda.

Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown Have Been Stoned and Gay Ever Since They Met This according to a musician who has recorded and toured with Whitney for years: “Her marriage to Bobby was only a marriage of convenience for both of them.

They’re both gay and have had other people on the side ever since they first hooked up at the Soul Train Awards back in ‘89.

“As a condition of the marriage the wife insisted her husband stop seeing Brown.” Developing…Here's Jaxson's list of gay or bi celebs: Cuba Gooding Jr. John Travolta Carmen Electra Britney Spears Elton John - Now Elton is the biggest shocker of the entire list. Steph spent some time in prison in France and never really talks about it. I understand the concept of a beard and even getting married to keep up appearences, but why have children?

Jamie Fox Usher Will Smith - these rumors have been swirling for a while, that they both have an agreement that Will can get it on w/ men and Jada can get it on with women. Mariah Carey[quote]That's when and I'm told Luda and Diamond were having sex on a yacht Diamonds friends were reportedly concerned because they knew Ludajuice is bisexualand their friend was having sex with Luda without a condom. I heard that "Diamond" was the one with the monster and an oozing crotch. I thought that came out of nowhere, he really didnt fit into DTP at all. He is dating Jordin Sparks (maybe for exposure), but Im still not sure if he's not on the DL. Why ruin a child's life because you can't be who you are?

One of those boys was recently reported to have had a bag placed over his head while being transported to Ludas College Park, ATL home (neighboring a Publix supermarket).