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Manuel, [email protected], Italy October 14, 2014Web Gallery of Art places the facts about the history of art at your finger tips. Alva Bussey, [email protected], Georgia, United States October 9, 2014I consulted your excellent description of the Segonzano watercolor.

In the list of artists I missed Julius Singer, German painter born 1910. The one I was looking for is, "The Large Passion 9. We want good art, will consider all media, size is limited to 32" in any direction including the frame! send images of your art to curator now via email 2.As I've located and maintain an oil painting (Saint Martin And The Begger-Widener Collection-621.EL GRECO (1541-1614) has appeased my inquisitiveness. Tyrone Nix, [email protected], Michigan, United states October 22, 2014I like very much BUT all is translated in english !!!Is this picture a original or a litho and what would be the value of this picture? "the linen Closet" piece is a rounded convex piece show age as far as a hue or haze has come over it..then to i have the a small square piece labeled on back No 6 a Hollands Binnenhaus" with the lil black n white dog have cherished these for years since I found them at a yard sale in Las Vegas Nevada some 20 yrs ago I know of no one who knows of the artist other than my self.I have corresponded with the Victoria Albert Museum, London.

I have also acknowledged it in my paper, sent for publication.

For me, this is the most complete artsite there is. May 31, 2014I have often in the past visited your website, and have always taken pleasure from the beautiful art and your achievement in producing this resource. Andrew Martin Lorimer, [email protected] Penarth, Wales, United Kingdom May 23, 2014re Cabinet of Curiosities, 17th C. Thankyou for making the information available, now I can follow up the artist and enjoy the artwork even more.

I referred, and shared it to many artloving friends I have. Rhyll Plant, [email protected] Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia May 20, 2014Interested in obtaining art or paintings for resale.

no one here will cherish or enjoy them keep them after I am gone... if anything respectfully sandy fink Sandra Fink, [email protected], Maryland, United States June 22, 2014Re El Greco's portrait of Jorge Manuel, hos son was not a painter as Greco wished but instead was an architect, so the comment about the tools of his trade needs adjusting.

Harry Wolf , 1436 n laurel ave , Los angeles, 90046 June 20, 2014I truly enjoy looking at the Art pieces, especially those withy the strong background history from World War 11.

yet if the date of 1495 is correct, that I believe, it must have been done during the first visit. Obrigado por divulgar essa arte tão detalhadamente.