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The Roman calendar was reformed by Julius Caesar in 45 BC.

In a lunar calendar, the month approximates the cycle of the moon phase.

The first recorded calendars date to the Bronze Age, dependent on the development of writing in the Ancient Near East, the Egyptian and Sumerian calendars.

A large number of calendar systems which were based on the Babylonian calendar, and which were found in the Ancient Near East, date from the Iron Age.

A calendar is a system of organizing days for social, religious, commercial or administrative purposes.

This is done by giving names to periods of time, typically days, weeks, months and years.

A full calendar system has a different calendar date for every day.

Thus the week cycle is by itself not a full calendar system; neither is a system to name the days within a year without a system for identifying the years.Amongst such calendar systems was the calendar system of the Persian Empire, which in turn gave rise to the Zoroastrian calendar as well as the Hebrew calendar.A great number of Hellenic calendars developed in Classical Greece, and with the Hellenistic period also influenced calendars outside of the immediate sphere of Greek influence, giving rise to the various Hindu calendars as well as to the ancient Roman calendar.The seven-day week is practically universal, though its use varies. The length of the interval between two such successive events may be allowed to vary slightly during the year, or it may be averaged into a mean solar day. Because the length of the lunar month is not an even fraction of the length of the tropical year, a purely lunar calendar quickly drifts against the seasons, which do not vary much near the equator.It does, however, stay constant with respect to other phenomena, notably tides. Alexander Marshack, in a controversial reading, believed that marks on a bone baton (c. Other marked bones may also represent lunar calendars.This created a dissociation of the calendar month from the lunation.

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