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Then we'll have dinner – something like lamb chops with sliced mushrooms on top.Then, around half six, we all go upstairs and we have this bathing ritual, which involves the children and me taking off all our clothes and getting into the bath.

Sometimes, I hear women speaking to their husbands and they are really rude and disrespectful, and I think, 'I wouldn't dare speak that way to Graham'.I went to a party one night, someone asked me what I did, and then I got a call about how they were looking for a presenter for a new show. When I'm not filming, I try to leave a window in my day at three o'clock so that I can pick my kids up from school. When you get to the school, you see their little faces, then they see you and they always smile. When you see their faces light up, you think, 'I wish I could capture that moment'.At home, I go into child mode with them, so we try to start the homework.The story of its loving, complex and painful restoration was followed by millions of people worldwide in the series “Sarah Beeny’s Restoration Nightmare”.Now, Rise Hall is certainly not the ‘nightmare’ it once was and thanks to Sarah, Graham and their incredible team, this hugely important piece of British heritage has been saved and is enjoying its renaissance as one of the UK’s top wedding and events venues.L IN CONVERSATION WITH CIARA DWYER Sarah Beeny is supporting the 'Just Add Mushrooms' campaign, to promote the purchase of fresh mushrooms in the UK and Ireland.

Rescued from the brink of dereliction by Channel 4 property expert, Sarah Beeny and her Husband Graham Swift.I believe that, if you're doing something you enjoy, then you'll be successful and then, even if it doesn't make so much money, it doesn't matter that much. I suppose it was a bit weird, but I was always really interested in property, and my dad was an architect.We've built houses and it's a successful business, but it's relatively low key.I'm a very positive person and, if I get excited by something, I find it difficult to say no to an opportunity.Also, because my mother died young – at the age of 39 when I was 10 – I want to ram a lot in. There's no question about it – no money makes for a very hard life and too much money also makes for a very hard life, but I think that somewhere in the middle makes for a happier life. Once you've got your home and food, and you can pay for the heating and your bills, and you can go on the odd holiday, what more do you need?I also launched an online estate agency within the last year. My husband is an artist and he's always trying to get to the studio.

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    It does not run perfectly even if you find the “most eligible, compatible male”. Even couples with the most difficult times are strong together, whereas couples who have the most money in the world can also be worlds apart.

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    A lot of creativity, time and money also goes into selecting the perfect name for a character in a movie to appeal to a certain audience. Well not until some smart marketers decided to change the name to Chilean Seabass. Restaurants could not give away the Patagonian Toothfish but the Chilean Seabass became super popular & is now being overfished. And just like the Chilean Seabass with this workbook and about 15 minutes of brainstorming, you’ll be able to create an irresistible username that will have you on your way to being the most popular fish in the online dating sea. Here are a few examples: • Bamboozled By Paper Clips • Smarty Pants • Nerdy Ninja Hugs • Laughing My Ass Off • Lips Potato Chips Now let’s look at how to connect to romantic feelings without being too mushy.